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June 27, 2008



Interesting Article.

As a teenager I can tell you that the "made in Australia" thing won't work very well.

Comedy Central is a perfect example of what a company should do about the internet. Instead of trying to fight it, they just decided that they posted the video themselves before the youtubers could post it. Then they started adding commercials so they could make money off of their videos.

If more companies did this they wouldn't have to worry about the internet. In fact the internet would help them make even more money.

Anyway, I’m trying to start something called the 5 Million Club. I’m looking for, best and most popular videos on Youtube. You wouldn’t by chance have any recommendations? So far I have almost 200 videos added to the 5 Million Club Playlist and I’m looking for more.


In all to eat 7 days as a cycle, and in these 7 days you must to choose a whole day to eat vegetables for clearing intestines and stomach.

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It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

Sabina Barkley

As a teenager I can tell you that the "made in Australia" thing won't work very well.


I'm from Poland and the problem is that most ESL crruicula in my country are based on BrE.And it doesn't even matter that nowadays teenagers are more often exposed to AmE through video clips, Hollywood movies and other popular culture items it is AmE that is dominant So, yes, by all means teach the language variety that is going to be used by students not what the school authorities think is appropriate for your students.


While I agree in principal that there are a lot of so cleald experts' out there, seo is not rocket science. However, for the average Joe out there with a small website, it might as well be. What I don't agree with mostly in the seo world is the grossly high charges people are paying for a service' and it is true that people in the seo business sounds as if they're full of crap but it is really no different to any other industry though. there's lingo in all professions and ours comes with its own set. the key I think is don't be a jerk, cocky and spin crap to your clients and just tell them how it is and what is realistic to expect from your service.[]Gabriel Machuret Reply:June 27th, 2010 at 6:59 pmInteresting point of view the difference Andrew isa) my wife is a nurse she is an expert. She has a title. She needs to have a title to work in a hospital. The hospital has regulations to hire nurses. to become a nurse you need to follow a program.With SEO.. mmm well, go out there, register a domain name, put a logo and voila! you are an SEO company mate.Ahhh and don't forget get a skype number in new York. LOL ! thanks for stopping by[]

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Ég er sammála alveg með ofangreinda athugasemd, internetið er með efa vaxa í framúrskarandi fjölda mikilvægur miðill í samskiptum um allan heim og vegna staður eins og þetta sem hugmyndir eru að breiðast út svo fljótt. Þess

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