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June 05, 2008


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Farrah Greenfield

The goal, Markey said, is "to ensure that people with disabilities are not left behind as technology changes.


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I am a Viet Nam veteran. I seevrd 18 months in Nam. Was I exposed to Agent Orange? Yes, even if you spent all of your time in country in Saigon you probablyhad exposure. I was in An Khe but I did travel to Pleiku, Quin Yon, Cameron Bay and Saigon. When I went to Quin Yon it was by truck of jeep thru the mountains. Since that time, I have develop a seizure condition and have to take toxic medication to control the seizures The VA tells me that the government does not believe that any of the many Viet Nam veterans, well above the norm of non vets, can prove that their condition was due to Agent Orange. Several other conditions are covered by the government, but not seizures. The medications are expensive and when I retire, I will either have to stop my meds and have seizures or cut down on food, heating, etc. This is what the government thinks should be the norm for Veterans that were drafted to fight in a war that the government knew we would never win. Non-volunteers died, wounded, exposed to Agent Orange and other pesticides for absolutely no reason. I know the President thinks that old people should just shut up and die and that veterans in a draft or volunteer service should pay for their own medical procedures, medication, etc. that were due to their service in the military. Do we need a revolution for our so called government to stop these evil behaviors that are committed in our name?


Bill, I didn't mean to suggest that chtracaers' names shouldn't be used. I was simply interested in naming a phenomenon ( captioned irony ) that occurs when Speaker IDs create advance knowledge for caption users. In this particular case, I believe the need to impose a guideline (i.e. identify speakers off-screen by name ) should have been weighed against the needs of the narrative. Sometimes, mystery needs to be nurtured, doesn't it? If Cobb and the hearing viewers don't know right away, then why add a Speaker ID? If possible, captions should embrace the mystery and not give away information too soon. If that's not possible, then Speaker IDs should at least be carefully considered and not simply imposed as a strict rule whenever someone is off-screen or obscured.What if the initial Speaker IDs were removed and replaced with dashes to indicate two responses? That might create more confusion than Speaker IDs but it's not like hearing viewers aren't initially confused too, right?Sean


The following is an stmaetent of my employment with KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root). I only found out about the company named “Service Employees International, Inc.” when I recently applied for my Social Security Disability Benefits. I was denied disability and given the reason of not having paid in enough quarters to be eligible. SEII withheld my SS and Medicare taxes and never paid them to the US Gov. The 5 quarters I was short was for the time I worked in Iraq. I was a member of the T-Sites Dining Facilities in Southern Iraq from April 18, 2004 to June 18, 2005.I understand that 2 US Senators discovered this illegal tax shelter on the SEII employees and co-sponsered legislation that later became law to outlaw the practice. I believe the 2 Senators were the now President Obama and Senator Kerry. How can I get my 5 quarters of credit from a company like KBR or their wholly owned subsidiary SEII based in the Caymen Islands and start collecting my well earned Social Security disability? I am not asking for anything that I have not paid for.


Ahnpetu Washteh! Good Morning and my Native Language is: Dakota Lakota Nakota. (Ishayanti, Hunkpapa). My name is BitterRoot Woman, Rondina RossFire.My TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY(s) were NOT easily diesnogad or symptoms were NOT clearly visible to four different doctors/physicians. I had applied for SSDI in 1996, but was not taken seriously. By 1995, I wasn't sleeping to the point that I didn't recall a dream SLEEP DEPRIVATION PSYCHOSIS. About 2005, I finally met and was medically helped by Dr. John Vuchtevich, U. of Minnesota and Dr. Kristen Ryan. So many years were NOT actually lived. My family life had disappeared, as did my professional career. I am finally able to see the real world again. I may be better health/mind-wise and pray and believe I will improve to be working a productive life span again.Perhaps I will still have a couple of people who are my family see me again.MitaKuweh Oyasin Doksha


quickly, muttered, said very quteily, said in an unfamiliar accent, or merely enunciated imprecisely. It gets confusing. Having the captions running at the bottom of the screen means I'm not sitting there missing half the story.The presence of captions is why I wait for films to come out on DVD these days it's so much easier to just buy the DVD and read the captions than it is to try and decipher things in a cinema environment. Lately my purchases of DVDs has gone right down (partially because there isn't much out there I want to watch, partially because I'm broke), but if there was something I was interested enough in, I'd probably take out a membership at the local movie hire place, and hire it. Finding out after I hired the film that I couldn't view the film with captions would just wreck it.


Oh good grief. Like Meg in comment 1, I'm not deaf but heirnag impaired to the point where watching without CC is an exercise in frustration at best, and downright impossible at worst. Even when things are loud, I don't do very well separating out individual words therefore, the movie theater's helpful solution of handing out headphones to heirnag impaired people just DOES NOT HELP because making everything louder does NOT make it more clear. And they never fit right over my heirnag aides' speakers since they have to sit exactly right in order to pick up the signal, anyways. It's so, so rare for me to watch movies in the theater anymore and my Netflix account gets quite a workout. So, feh on Disney.


Bless them and keep your fingers crsosed that their soon to be put into use google phone numbers and system will also keep the deaf - and blind - close to the forefront of their collective mind. So many of us miss the relay of old and yet what google will be unveiling will be even better because hearing people will be able to phone us and their messages will be converted to print!


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What I want to know is how your extra aeropress has ahynting to do with this photo? What does a caption have ahynting to do with this?As an investigative reporter, looking after 10yr old Captain TW (who is wearing his new pajamas) I feel this is important.


08.12.08 at 1:07 pmSteel Clink AlcatrazUproxxx Overlord #1: I guarantee I can find some new ruvenee streams. Step one: Let's sell some ad space. Drew, how would you feel about wearing this bathrobe?/holds up a robe with Sign Up for ESPN Insider! embroidered on itDrew: Mmm conflicted?Uproxxx Overlord #2: Too bad! You've already signed the deal.Uproxxx Overlord #1: Actually, he hasn't.Uproxxx Overlord #2: Oh. Well, we highly value your input. Until you sign the deal./shakes fist menacingly


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