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June 05, 2008


MBT Shoes

It's so nice to have you do all of the research for us. It makes our decision making so much easier!! Thanks.

bird feeder

Good stuff you have here, I was going to mention this to a good friend of mine.


Love, love, love butternut squsah. This year I was given a wonderful recipe for butternut squsah soup and it is now one of my favorite recipes. I made a triple batch and froze most of it to enjoy all winter long. Thanks for the chance to win the beautiful earrings!


I think some sort of independent facsil policy is a fundamentally anti-democratic idea. Mmm, but note that the economists are not calling for that. They propose that an independent expert panel should be established to provide regular public advice to the Government on its facsil policy stance So it would only be advisory in nature.One caveat I would suggest is that such a body should be fully transparent, with its advice made public. Technocratic worthies have hardly distinguished themselves over the last little while As distinct from the politicians? I find it interesting that on some issues, such as climate change, people at LP would be more than happy to do exactly whatever the technocrats say (climate scientists in this case). But then why the different attitude to other species of technocrat?

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