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May 14, 2008


aion kinah

Je dirais, oui, il n'ya rien de mal à cela. Et l'analogie que j'utiliserais est, ce serait comme de dire, «il est ok pour quelqu'un d'acheter un morceau de l'entreprise et ne jamais montrer là-haut? Et la réponse est oui.
Nous les appelons les capital-risqueurs ou les actionnaires. Pour avoir un système de prise de risque et le renforcement des entreprises de valeur, vous devez avoir des gens qui sont des financiers ou ont d'autres rôles spécialisés.

floor jack

Perhaps if you had done it in the form of a practical joke, it might have worked. I like your Dad for many reasons, both here and stories before.

Base cap

How sad to lose your father when he was so young. I love that you have his sweater to remind you of the great man he was!

non-woven fabric

well told, and though he was no outdoorsman, his code of honesty and respect shines in every sentence.

Medical mask

You are a hockey fan indeed. You are right though, if one is not a hockey fan, one must look for it if one wants to watch it. I am glad I read this nice story, I learned much. R

crystal laser

I love the way you used his dream (and yours) to tell his story. I wish my father had been able to admit to his fear.


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