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April 03, 2008


fred wilson

"a fellow music nut"

thanks for the compliment, the link, and the quote!

i totally agree with you and plan to listen to your muxtape.


Debbie Rose

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This is an interesting post. While the major labels work out new business models, there exists today many legal ways for innovators to create music services within the existing legal framework. Go to http://www.volumerates.com/ for more.

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I am so glad you never put the winner on the front page anymore since that one time when I freaked out b/c the west coast didn't know that shut your mouth and say it ain't so won yet.

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o david hasslehof sto baacwtyh? ha ha ha mallon malakies leo alla ton fantastika tora na tragoudaei to theme (gimnostithos me kokkino sortsaki) kai gelao moni mou!i mipos o will smith sto fresh prince of bel air?


Perhaps Im a little late in the cotenmms section; however, online music sales do not yet make up the majority of all music sold. Universal figures that about still about 75% of all music sold is in CD format. I believe this was the report from them that I saw in 2007 through an inside source. This seems to be the trend and perhaps is an odd mix-up of generational issuses as every semester we ask our incoming freshman music industry students how many of them still buy music in CD format it's almost always total yet most of the graduate students that I know almost exclusely deal in downloaded goods. Purely speculation but I bet there's a weird juxtaposition (younger generations like hard goods and older generations like downloads obviously stopping with the boomers)I've also done some non-irb research on student's ipod inventories and it would be my guess that until these online mixing applications become more mainstream then the effect on sales will be minimal if even calculatable.torrents on the other hand are a whole nother story


Actually, I doubt it. Pretty much anyone who sees me using my Zune pass will end up AT LEAST asnikg how in the hell I'm doing this so effortlessly. I don't even have to download a song, I can just stream the full track in an instant. It's pretty easy to get all wrapped up in it's wow factor and then feel the need to tell others how awesome it is. Imagine a kid forcing cotton candy into people's mouths after their first taste, they have to know that others love it too. Really, the software sells itself.


No.Did the music industry's smrnecorgeaing advance to the point already that people actually believe that they are breaking the law?The music industry wished that it would be that way. That doesn't make it so, no matter how many ads they place saying it is so .At least where I live Austria there is the right for private copy which we pay for, mind you -, so of course we can give a copy of the MP3 (or anything else) to our friends, since we are paying for the privilege anyway.


paul, remember that 15 milioln(?) people pay for satellite radio in the u.s.i hear your criticisms loud and clear and we're working to close the gap. i can't say the space between songs is a big one. maybe 5 reasons sounds better than 4? : )although i agree with your issues, i'd still rather pay $5 for MOG than pay for 5 downloads. by a longshot.


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