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March 23, 2008


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Mis à part l'expérience de la Commission, Genachowski était cadre à l'IAC de Barry Diller's / InterActiveCorp. et un directeur général chez Digital Media Ventures spécialiste Rock Creek et est un conseiller spécial du privé, des groupes d'équité General Atlantic. (NDR: Genachowski était le représentant d'Obama cette année lors du Congressional Caucus conférence sur Internet.)

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I love that drawing! It reminds me of that old TV show (might still be going actually..) in North America called The Big Comfy Couch. Definitely need on of those at home!


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Sounds like things are hpiaenpng in the way it should be, and it would be nice if other agencies decided to keep the public informed, or at least our taxpayers, the average hard working americans who pay all the taxes (and bills)- we have too many people changing laws and rules as they see fit, they think they can make decisions sometimes for us that are a long way from being the right choice.


An den Massnahmen, die schwachsinnig sind und an den silneosnn Beamten, da sollen sie mal sparen. Vor allem kann auch Herr Hundt etwas von seinem Gehalt abgeben- und die Politiker ebenso.Spart man an den kleinen Leuten wieder- ff6rdert das die Schwarzarbei und Betrug noch mehr. Darunter leiden dann wieder alle Arbeitslosen.Es ist eine Sauerei- was in der Politik passiert.Es gibt so viel- wo gespart werden kann, auch bei blf6dsinnigen Monopol-c4mtern und Suventionen generell.


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, he's an entertainer, not a puindt an entertainer who imitates a 1st Class gossip and enjoys all the fuss and furor. Why do people listen to this guy? For the same reason they buy supermarket checkout stand news papers to read about men giving birth to 12 pound babies and a newborn child with a hand where his left ear should be. You know, interesting, newsworthy stuff like that that some folks actually believe is true.Is he dangerous? Yeah, insofar as anyone believes what he tells them, he is, and because he deliberately lies about people and events in order to get more air time. HE'S A GOSSIP, pure and as simple-minded and malicious as all of them are.


A drawdown to 50,ooo tproos is an equilibrium to the size of the invasion force, so I fail to see this kind of drawdown as the campaign promise of total withdrawal . And the 50,000 tproos (battlefield soldiers) that will be left behind (if that's the actual final number), doesn't count support tproos, contractors or other types of regimental people assigned to the diplomatic corp. you're just kidding yourself if ylu think he's actually doing something positive here.And his sanity . Who are you or I to know Obama's true state of mind. anyone who seeks this kind of power (president) has to be insane. And that observation came from someone I heard years ago. Someone like Chomsky or Vidal.The sooner we put our collective feet down and quit compromising/capitulating on the very value of life itself, the sooner we can stop the killing and the dying.


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I've always woderend how even the upper middle class could be so naive to think that at some point the ultra wealthy would stop and say, well I've had enough . They just don't understand that a billionaire looks down on a millionaire just like a millionaire looks down on everyone else. These elitists will eventually be the new service class for the top 1 or 2%. The lower classes and poor will be Soylent Green or some such.I mean it's physics. When you start a ball rolling downhill it can't stop unless it meets an equally opposing force. I don't know what that would be if THE PEOPLE won't get off their asses and get busy


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Thanks for the timely podascts Majority Show! I am busy counting ballots in our (MN) Governor's race recount so I can't listen live. For anyone who participated in the Target Boycott or cares about MN the light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. Emmer will not overcome his 8900 vote deficit-his challenges are pitiful- and we'll have Gov. Mark Dayton by Jan. One win for the good guys.


Noam Chomsky does a good job of explaining these culaurtl wedges in regard to the only differences between the single-party two-faction system we have.People ought to feel foolish about how they are so easily manipulated on topics that have little or nothing to do with either average daily life or survival. Except in either the extreme or in a minority.

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