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February 03, 2008



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I hate chain emails. I think its the older generation that fall for them because they always go straight to the trash. My folks on the other hand believed those anti-Obama emails at first.

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Kevin: After watching you eat all these years, know for sure that you would eat anyhnitg that doesn't crawl off your plate. Seems like Ken is having the harder time since he is even pickier that me. He picks beans out of chili but now will eat something that looks like it died on his plate and and is decomposing. YukI lost 31 pounds last July simply because the hospital food was SOOOOO bad I could not force it down, no way, it was realllly bad. Have gained about 8 pounds back but eat what I like now just not as much, and shoveling snow helps.But, whatever works. Just seems like its highly repititious and what are Lentils ? He will get tired of the same ol same ol and give it up.Look like some kind of beans to me but the boy is scuffing them right up.I shudder to think what he would have done with brussel sprouts when he wasMUCH younger. Obviously none of the 4H stuff has mayonaise on it.


Not to mention the fact that what these clips (and otrehs like them) are trying to point out is that Republicans' most popular catchphrases don't even MEAN anything, and where they do have meaning, that meaning is intellectually insulting. But then, that makes my first point, doesn't it? They don't intend to appeal to people's intellect.


I’m not sure what the big to do is about his winning the eclotien. Color does not make you a better president. Color does not help you stop war, greed, killing, starvation. People can do that. I don’t see how you can call it “Historical” because he got in, there just haven’t been to many black americans running, is the reason one didn’t get in sooner. Red, yellow, black, or white, all controlling governments are bad. They're the ones who ruined it for everyone since the beginning. They're the ones who introduced money, greed and death because of it. Ty for that? No matter what color you are. If we actually had a good government with really good people, we wouldn't need money, but we are so brain-washed we couldn't even fathom that.

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