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February 08, 2008


John Earnhardt

I am a big fan of bubbly water.

Air Yeezy 2

The power of faith is that even in bad times, can also help you muster forward of the sail; belief is that even in the face of the charm of transportation insurance, also called you muster the courage to live; belief is that even the great misfortune, also encourage you to keep lofty mind.


You gotta remember: The Republicans ustnredand the political process as being about gaining power. The Democrats ustnredand the political process as being about ideas, issues, and doing good for the people.Occasionally there is a Democrat like Lyndon Johnson who knows how wield power as ruthlessly as the Republicans, but in the overall picture, he wielded the power to do good for the people. Obama would do well to read up on ol' LBJ.And maybe it's the electorate that needs more of your coffee.

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