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January 02, 2008


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As always and an stetreining read from Newton. He's set out the reasons against the filter quite clearly in dot point form. It's worth checking out.Bloody hell Michael Atkinson is at it again, our system of govt is truly flawed if this guy is continually able to stuff things up. How dare he block the discussion papers from the public.


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Australian Family association plaese wake up 3% error rate can send someone business broke by losing potential sales and customer baseSex and pornography is noy just on the internet it is all around us. TV, radio, news papers .Episodes like Sex and the city , secret diary of a call girl ( sex and sex scenes), CIS, Criminal intent ( violence) Whats next?Lets filter movies we see on the TV ( MA15+ and MA18+), lets shut down all Barbarellas shops, lets tell all video rentals what can be rented out, lets tell all game manufacturers what they are allowed to bring into legendry, lets stop sales of all pr0n, lets forbid sales of all pr0nogrphic magazines . lets tell all newspaper publisher what is allowed to publish what not .sex and porn are forbidden wordsHave I gone to far? Maybe but it needs to be put into prospective if government gets away with thisHow many respective parents out there have tried to filter internet content their kid can access? 2 maybe 3%? Why?Because I believe they, parents, can not be bothered learning. Government has provided free of charge software Net nanny that can be installed on single computer. I know mine only access what I let them and 2 hours per day.Why can't other parents do the same? Government can not get way with this otherwise we will end up like China.


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OK, here's a question: what all dueits does "producing" entail? I feel like that's a word that we outside the entertainment industry hear all the time, but that most people (including me, obviously) would have a hard time exactly defining.


Very Cool on the INFL front; I hope it goes the whole season. The lock-out has made folks maybe a lil more pivey to legal stuff. Makes it seem logenr.


@alrdd Sorry mate but im from england and ive palyed for both rugby and american football teams and im telling you now. If you could tackle, rush, block etc in rugby like they do in football you would only be allowed to play one game. For example in a line out if the player being lifted if even pushed its a foul. In american football you can pretty much run into them flip them several times but they live to fight another day. Your comment is arrogant and you should stop being singled minded!


ok so how did you record that? i've been tiyrng to figure that out. plus i was wondering if you knew how to convert saved replays into videos that can be posted on youtube, ive tried everything and nothing has worked. please email me if you know how to. thanks.


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indeedy!!!! LMAOyour welcome as aylaws my dearest Bettina! And thankfully I have more goatboy (Bill hicks) up my sleeve to send ya. You'll be sure to enjoy the next ones as well!!!I'll reply to your latest PM in a bit as well. I'm about to go to sleep here after I finish folding some laundry. Love ya! *hugs* Anyway I'd knew you'd like Bill.


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