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December 12, 2007


Patrick Ross

Just catching up on blogs and saw this. I admired Tech Daily and its reporters such as Bara, but suggesting it was the only place to get consistent, in-depth tech policy reporting is just flat wrong. Washington Internet Daily did it every day (Tech Daily took several breaks a year), with stories not limited by an artificial length inhibitor like Tech Daily. I admit it wasn't as easy to access as the online Tech Daily and it probably cost more, but give props to a pub that produced many of those Tech Daily reporters you're praising, and is still around and presumably profitable.

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I admit it wasn't as easy to access as the online Tech Daily and it probably cost more


Fraateee... cum apar rusii pe acest site, la suprafata ca nctruaeul!!!!Si dupa comentarii se vede ca sunt asa de indoctrinati ca-ti vine sa lasi mainile jos si sa nu mai faci nimic,sa-i contrazici macar.N-ai cu cine vorbi,ai impresia ca n-a mai ramas nimic din asa zisul "великий(даже величайший) русский народ".Au ramas numai urmasii lui Lenin,Stalin,Brejnev...NKVD-isiti,ce nu au neam,istorie,cultura,dragoste de predecesori.La ei cartile de capatii sunt Capital,si scrierile lui Lenin,Che si alti rataciti...Tineti-o tot asa rusilor si din Великая Россия numai numele o sa ramana.

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