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November 15, 2007



Very Possible ADHD..My 13 year old is and when she had her tonsils and odanids taken out, they gave her Hydrocodone and right after taking it (liquid form) she was jumping on the tampoline like a wild child and running up and down the street (all within a couple of hours after being sent home from having the surgery).


I think that all the answers given I've heard about the ecmoony are poor to say the least and the worst of them all was the one by the president elect.I think most americans are clueless as to how the money market really works.I say this because no one would agree that the solution would be to dump more money into the money supply to cure the problem.This causes the value of the dollar to decrease which means that it will cost more to buy less of anything.Does anyone know history?Does anyone know what the goverment had to do to fix the ecmoony during the depression?They had to decrease the size of the money supply to bring the value of the dollar back up.The only way to fix inflation is to either add more gold into our reserves or take away money from the money supply.This is not rocket science it is simple math.This is where it all begins and ends.And the only solution for the ecmoony lies in that information.Several factors contributed to get us to the point we are with the ecmoony but I will only talk about one right now.It is a fault of President Clinton.He signed a bill that allowed big companies tax cuts by moving there operations out of the united states.This did not affect our country overnight but is destroying us over time.So I got to thinking and realized we need a solution that is good for big business and good for the average american to.Because of our minimum wages laws it cost more for our companies to make products here than if they setup shop in a third world country with no minimum wage requirement.Making it next to impossible to compete with companies that use that labor.So what we need is to get those business back in the U.S. and the jobs they bring with them.So how do we do that?My suggestion is threw imports and exports.If we lowered the export rates this would give our companies more of a chance to compete with sweatshop labor maybe give incentive to companies to base there operations here to take advantage of the lowered export rates.The second step would be to inflat the price on importing to the country.Make it so high if any company wants a part of our market that it will be apparent that they are losing profits from these import taxes and would be making more money if they based there business from here which would inturn create more jobs.This import tax would also raise the price of there products making it a level playing field competing for market share with our companies.Then with the money we are getting on the imports taxes take away the inflation in the money supply so the value of the dollar goes back up.This way we can use there money to fix our inflation instead of struggling to do it with our own.We also need to stop this unneeded spending with the war.This is not good for us it is good for the defense contractors.Everytime you hear that the government is spending more money on the war the less that dollar in your pocket can buy.So in reality if you support the war you support the ecmoony we are currently living in weather you realize it or not.Right now we are living in a deception about the gasoline.It is so low right now but how?The price of everything else is way up.This worries me and I wait for the other shoe to drop.I feel that we are getting buttered up to lighten the blow on something bigger.People always say the ecmoony is bad all over the world and they use that as a crutch.I just would like to know when we started comparing ourselves to everybody else.When you are the greatest at anything you can not compare yourself to anybody else.You can only compare yourself to yourself or the potential you have that is what makes you so great and better than anyone else.Other opinions I would like to voice is the need to do away with the electoral college.It is outdated and unneeded because of the technology today.We should never end up with a president that does not have the support of the people.This takes away from the concept of a democracy.It makes our elections a farce to some extent.Its supporters say it has only failed us twice and I say that is 2 times to many.I also disagree with the patriot act.This law basically strips 7 of the 1st ten amendments.This law was put in to affect to make it easier for the government to protect us.I say we have been around for a few hundred years and never needed the patriot act.If the people in charge cant keep us safe as the people that held there job before them did then they should be no different than I or you at our jobs.Which means that they should be replaced by someone that can do the job.


The reason that Obama rates so high on the crbyaby scale is attributable to one important difference between liberals and conservatives: conservatives think the liberals are wrong but liberals think convervatives are evil. Because they occupy the hallowed ground of moral superiority (in their own minds), liberals can't reisist any opportunity to snipe at conservatives, for their evil, craven positions on the issues.There's plenty of crbyabyness on the right and the center (it is politics, you know) but it will never compare to that of the left.Like most conservatives, I don't think Obama, Reid and Pelose are evil they're just wrong in their policies and objectives. I object to what they do and what they believe in, but I don't question their motives or their integrity; they probably do believe that they are working for the good of the country. (They're wrong and they're going to find out how wrong in a couple of weeks) but I don't equate their stance with morality.Whether it's on the environment or health care or income redistribution or any of the other socialist views, the leftists continue to believe not only that they are right but that they are god-like in their movement to advance their agenda and destroy conservatives. Until they learn that conservative positions have value, that conservative goals deserve to be respected and considered, you will continue to see this behavior. Like many religious whackos, liberals believe they must attack evil whenever they see it even if it's just makes them a crbyaby.


That docudrama must have had some seiours subliminal messages. I think that you have Stockholm Syndrome. Though to be completely honest, I was duped by our President. I hoped too much for a different politician. What I got was the same old thing. I don't really care who wins. The differences will be minimal. Both parties are dominated by big money. They are both beholden to the same masters.


Sage: Un-clench your teeth. The next four years will be fun.I cannot rebemmer an inaguration that has come of such anticpation as this. Maybe Kennedy, but I was 3 at the time.Pre-game to the pre-game, and President Obama (still sounds strange) has a lot to live up to given the build-up to his election and all.It can be an exciting time for America if we allow it to be.


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I am not as articulate as many of you here..but, I have been havnig some thoughts lately, that SEEM to follow with some earlier thoughts and SEEM to follow with the Insider's plea to leave this alone. I am going to try to express them here with the HOPES that one of you all can set my mind at ease because I think this whole thing is SCARY!!! Let's see if I can get my thought process down on cyber-paper. I have, of course, along with the rest of you ALWAYS believed that Obama is ineleigble for the office, no matter WHERE he was born, the Hawaii issue would just determne whether he was even a legal citizen ..but it would not make him a natural born one.In the beginning, when we desperately trying to get SOMEONE to listen to us and being thwarted by the Congress, the Courts, EVERYBODY .I was furious .ready to work to try to have them ALL thrown out ..every ONE of them even the Supreme Court. I am STILL furious!! We could have nipped this in the bud and shown the World that we were committed to abiding by our Constitution. But, now , it is two years later and we are at war, one started by the old regime and one started by Obama. In my thinking, I wondered if THIS is the reason that Obama started sending drones so early in his Presidency..and then officially started the War in Afghanistan, against the express wishes of his base , and after promising to END the Iraqi war. Did he want to make us afraid of exposing him, because then it means we let an illegal CIC send troops to their Countries to murder their citizens?I think it was Carlyle that posted something about the PTB KNOWING about this BC issue, but no one being willing to be the one responsible for starting the enormous backlash that exposing this would cause..which got me to thinking OF the backlash ..I think Our nation, within itself, would survive and be better for knowing the truth..BUT can we surive the REST of the World knowing? To me, THAT is the question. Perhaps the rest of the World ALREADY knows, which I think is very LIKELY, but they are just waiting, biding their time, waiting for US to officially declare that we have an Illegal President, starting wars, sending troops, making deals, borrowing money from other nations, etc once we officially declare it they can either run to the UN and file complaints against us .or WORSE, they can decide to attack us in feigned outrage!!! The Muslims can start sending their bombs, (that they are now able to build), China can immediately call back it's loan etc this is what I am hoping SOMEONE can ease my mind about .PLEASE tell me that it wouldn't be this easy for the rest of the World to do this to us??!!! PLEASE!!To me, it seems like Obama could have planned this all along, appeasing the Muslims with plans of don't worry, give me some time to get the people to take over themselves', to build a bigger Muslim presence (sp?) in the US, let you, and others build better nuclear bombs, weaken their military, be more indebted etc ..THEN, when the time is RIGHT..I will be sure that my ineligibility is exposed .and you can begin your war against the United States. This might explain the Abercrombie thing I know that I and I am sure many of you have been trying to figure out WHY in the World some Democrat and personal friend of the Pres. would be stirring up a controversy that the Courts etc had pretty much squelched, we were feeling hopeless .and along comes Abercrombie to stir it back up .and get even the LEFT to question it?!! I am thinking that perhaps Obama, on the heels of his shallacking , with it looking like his love affair and his sway over the American people was severly weakened, if not over altogether so Obama thought that now was not the IDEAL time, but maybe he better push it before he loses his power another way..i.e., criminal prosecution. THEN!!! .gasp pennies from heaven for Obama, THE ARIZONA SHOOTING now all of a sudden, he can have a new speech writer make him sound compassionate, like he wants to work with the Republicans, how we need to quiet the hate speech and maybe his love affair with the American people is not over AFTER ALL maybe he still has the chance to put this off for longer and make us more vulnerable before he calls CHECK MATE!! So, now it appears that ..now that they have let the chit hit the fan so to speak, they are finiding it EXTREMELY difficult to gather it back up and put it back in the bull. I kind of WISH that Abercrombie WOULD have done this to present a forged BC ..THEN my recommendation would be to publically accept it..and then work like HELL to get him out of office another way. The fact that he hasn't, means that Obama will still have this to hang over our heads. I kind of feel that I am onto something here, if you really THINK about it, it explains many things. But, OH MAN!!!, beleive me I HOPE I am wrong ..can SOMEONE please give me reasons to not feel the way I do? PLEASE??


Come on stormin, it's over he won. Let's stop the saoaretipn and speculation. Criticize him if he deserves once he is in office. All this commie, socialist, terrorist stuff needs to stop. I know you may not think it is all true, but a lot of people out there do.Honestly I was ready to honor Mccain as president if he had won. I knew the only way to prove America is great is for all of us to work together like when the country was first founded. One man can't make a change, it will take all of us. Let's support him and stop all the fear and hate.Let's put our focus to all the negatives and wrongs in this country and try to make them right.If I am ridiculed for writing this by other commentators, it just proves I was right about how far apart we are.GOD BLESS AMERICA


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