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October 17, 2007


Larry  Petty Sr.

I have never heard of anyone asking anyone about the French Co. MDI that is going to bring to market in a short time a car powered by AIR,,its time for that too be talked about. ( The car has a 500mi. range on one 4hr. charge of air.)[email protected]

Electronics Appliances

Regarding newer/greener electronic appliances - I run Electronic Appliances site and unfortunately most orders we receive are for parts (fridges/washers/dishwashers) and not for newer appliances themselves. I guess its hard times...


Very interesting article! I never realized the aspect of this "false sense"-thingy you get building your world on the internet and social networks etc.

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I follow Cajunlicious and love your rceipes. Congrats of the nice surprise!I could use an Amazon voucher or some accessories for my Kitchen Aid.Y'all have a sparkly afternoon!


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