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October 24, 2007



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I have no doubt the water is muddy. You raise an excellent point — one that goes to the megocdolotihal heart of this kind of research. I wrestled with it every step of the way. All the issues I've discussed in the blog about translation were front and center when I created the interview questions. You've picked out one salient example. Another one was the car question, discussed in this blog's first post: is it the same thing to ask a Chinese family about a car purchase as it is to ask an American family?The issues don't vanish, either, for the questions with less obviously problematic terms and situations. The water is always muddy.At the end of the day it's a highly subjective call when the waters have been muddied to much. I made the calls I made after much consideration, consultation, and consternation. To me, the fact that the issues are what they are makes the overall case even stronger: that we need to pay the closest of attention to linguistic details when working across languages and cultures.Thanks as ever, ZH, for holding my feet to the fire!


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The poll showed that in the world’s most poolupus country – China – only 32% believed that Al Qaeda carried out the attacks. An explanation for that is most Chinese don't know what al Qaeda is hence the high prevalence for answering don't know' and not that they're undecided. Al Qaeda has been a long time asset of the US government since the Soviet-Afghan war. Steel reinforced concrete hard targets will not implode from jet fuel fires. NORAD stood down and allowed the airliners to reach their targets. The only explanation is the event was orchestrated by powerful people within the United States government.


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So maybe the few percent are hidedn by the margin of error a few here and there in all categories that cancel each other out? Personally, I can get along with the flat rate concept. It is certainly easier to manage and would drastically cut the need for IRS personnel.


Why is it that the Chinese don't know anything about Al Qaeda ? Is it paerhps the fact that China never got involved in the nation building and bombing of the Mid East in the 10 yrs before 911 or could it be that they had the crazy notion to mind their own business, which is what we should have been doing all along ! How long do you thing it take for a people to get mad enough to kill for the revenge of us killing their men, women and children !? Well, I can tell you, it was about 10 yrs ! It's sad when a professed Christian nation can't stop in look in the mirror !!!


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Suzy as usual, you have done a great job of exposing some imrtnoapt issues with regard to energy and education. I am with you on the need for better brand management we have allowed the competition to brand us as evil for far too [email protected] as Suzy has pointed out, there are plenty of well educated Americans who have no real understanding of energy production. Many of them may even be informed in the sense that they have read a great deal of material on the subject. However, being informed does not equate to being well informed or being able to quantify the risks and rewards of various energy sources. Though it is easy to find commentary from people who appear to be nuclear professionals that have decided that nuclear energy is not worth the effort, a critical reader would notice that much of the commentary comes from a very tiny group of active critics. I can name most of them on a single hand Arnie Gundersen (MS NE), David Lochbaum (nuclear engineer who now works for UCS), Arjun Mahkijani (PhD nuclear physics fusion), Ed Lyman (PhD theoretical physics, UCS), Joe Romm (PhD physics)Contrast that tiny group of often quoted people who appear to be knowledgeable with the vastly larger group of engineers and scientists who actively work in the production of energy from nuclear reactions at the nations operating reactors, submarines and aircraft carriers. Evidence shows me that it is hard to be well informed about nuclear energy without supporting its continued use and future expansion.


Yeah jet fuel does melt through steel and the pelnas were two different colours black and grey with white wings the two paths the second plane had the dive-bomber and the straight path and you can work out that osama bin laden attacked the towers and why in 33 minutes and report it on the news.NO DON'T THINK SO.


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Interesting piece. Tetrads are a lovely brain-strorming idea to begin thiinkng about the effects of media. What do you mean by Eloi , by the way? As in the Time Machine? I think you could push some of these things further, too. Nice post.


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thanks for replying while on vaiotcan! really nice of you.answers to your questions: 1. the titles are displayed over the thumbnail as is with your default grid template. 2. yes, enabled. 3. it appears so.after a little more tinkering with different queries, i've discovered that search unleashed (i've been using instead of relevanssi because of a few bonus features. the admin is easier to work with too.) can search numbers. some of the items have numbers in their descriptions and come up in search results when i search those numbers. but for some reason the titles/item numbers are being excluded from the search. considering this, i believe that adding the item number to each item's description should solve the problem. i may also add to the category for good measure.on a separate note, i tried implementing the new create individual pages and archive/category page function, but it crashed about 1000 our of 10,000 in. is there any way to break up this process into sections?thank you for your help! i know you are on vaiotcan- i don't expect a response anytime soon:) hope you have a lovely time too.and thank you so much again for catablog. there's no way i could have made this site without it.best, lani

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