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October 24, 2007


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There are a few area that should have been cut years ago such as benefits for people who clearly do not need them.


There are a few area that should have been cut years ago such as benefits for people who clearly do not need them.

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Soon seeing that complete with sadness and frustration roar sounded, supercilious glimpse hair Wong-fat, Shi arrangement. Wolves all of a sudden calm lower, the particular nasty state of mind the Unit Lengsen's raging out and about entirely push you that will eliminate!

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Everybody over here pays imcnoe tax as along as they have an imcnoe (aka salary from work.) The more you earn, the more tax you pay on it, of course. It goes up to 50% if you make 60k Euro per year. But even if you make only about 1,000 Euro per month, you still end up with paying ~25% of it as tax every month.And guess what money's not enough either way. I'm actually getting tired of saying this all the time. Look, the taxes here are so and so high, and we still don't have enough money to feed the government. It's getting tiresome.And yeah, we do have VAT (up to 20%) and imcnoe tax. And fuel tax. And ah forget it. It just makes me angry.You'll get that too, eventually and it won't change a damn thing because politicians don't care.


I thought about that after the post. We'd save bionlils there too.Good, hard-working people like at H & R Block and TurboTax would have to find other employ too. But they would. Jesse Jackson Jr. just publicly complained about the iPad costing bookstore jobs. What about the jobs of people making iPads?! Car manufacturers killed the buggy business, I don't hear him complaining about that.


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The reason they are saiyng the beats are 25 dollars is because they cannot accept gifts over 25 dollars per their contract with The Today Show! Anything more than that is the of the show! My God wake up. Notice how when they say it they are winking and laughing. Man


I got Packers and Steelers as well. I just don't think the Jets are at the level where the Steelers are and will win it. They have a Good Season this year and are to be commended for their ploafyf run but I see the Steelers ending their run. Bears are a Good squad of players and they did quite a nice turn around after last season but I expect them to see a conclusion to their season come today at home. Its still gonna be a packed day of Football to say the least.


Good Win Chris. Enjoy it Man. This team know Good Football. Love that Brown catch for the First Down to make it official to milk the clock. PIT-GB: Its Gonna Be Fun!


one thing to show this to just a few of your co workers but brazrie to purposely send it to your ENTIRE campaign staff. A man who sends a picture of himself in a tiger picture to ALL of his employees is obviously trying to get attention, and to try to get attention in that kind of [...]

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