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October 22, 2007


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It is disturbing that these problems are taking place during the party congress. The blocking of these sites comes at a perfect time for the government.

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Indeed, we wrote here last August, that China was developing rules that could put a YouTube and other "non-approved" video sites out of business in the country. Now, they have seemingly followed through at least temporally.

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There are a few area that should have been cut years ago such as benefits for people who clearly do not need them.

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DougWow sad to hear but thanks for the great info. Honestly, that disc blew me away I wrote a reeivw of it on amazon actually. My feeling of the sound on that album is that it would be very hard for anyone to date' it, as in figure out when it was recorded and released. It sounds modern but classic simultaneously, possibly because Chuck wrote it over a long period of time, but the engineering is definitely well done. As far as the album as a whole, I challenge anyone to name for me another artist who released their first album in 15 years (since the 2nd Cement album) and their first solo album around age 50 with writing and playing that good, entertaining from front to back. I have all the FNM members' side projects, alot counting all of Patton's and Trey's, I even have Jim's stuff for me Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food is the best. With those songs, the team probably could have gone alot of different ways with each song's sound and mix for the finished product that was put out you can tell alot of love was put into it. I don't have the disc booklet to name him directly, but definitely tell the engineer if you see him that I appreciate his work, that album made my decade. And geez, if you can pass anything on to Chuck, IY was my first exposure to this awesome band and is still my favorite album of theirs, and his appearance at the Warfield is my #1 favorite tour highlight. Thank you Chuck for making music again!


Couple weeks ago I brought this topic into a creinosatvon with my mom not knowing how it would go or if she would be willing to talk about it. However, I was shocked to discover that she had hardly ever heard anything about female circumcision culturally/religiously growing up. Honestly, i expected her to be somewhat familiar with it, since, she was raised during times within a very traditional environment where taking a pregnant woman to the hospital for birth of her child was unheard of (fortunately my mom had all her kids in the hospital though). Anyway, I had to explain female circumsicion to her, showed her pics, discuss the various reasons behind it basically covered the whole nine yards. Apparently, she was shocked. Hence, our creinosatvon led me to conclude that female circumsicion is more culturally significant then religiously. If it was a matter of religious practice (which has been claimed as one of the reasons behind it) then 99% chances that females in my family would have underwent such procedure. Also, according to what my mom said to me that she remembered that certain cultures are highly concerned about appearance. This type of thinking makes sense to certain extent,since, even now women go through extreme procedures spending ridiculous amount of money to alter/'beautify' their appearances..either visible or privately covered. But the difference is that female circumcision is practiced on little girls that have no choice in the matter for the sake of culture or as means of source of income for some as mentioned in clip. Personally, it is very hard to fight against a culture, but when it violates human rights, then it's just not practical anymore. And if it is culturally enforced for beautification' (lack of a better word) sake, then certain values need to be explicitly reevaluated. Also, their is a reason why women who have underwent such a procedure would outspokenly protest against it. I applaud the efforts that have been taken to bring this into the limelight and actions currently being invested to enlighten/understand this issue from all angles no matter how exhaustively stressed it may have become for some. I know it's not easy, but encourage everybody to try to become familiar with it as well.


This honestly is sort of a hard quseoitn! Had to think about it for a min, you know, I don't want to sound all conceded or anything when answering haha. Best thing I like about myself {besides my kids} is my positive attitude. Yes, I say enough with the Debbie Downers of the world~ lets all get along and be HAPPY! Life is short, so I try and keep a positive outlook on the situation. That's it, I mean I'm sure I could mention my gorgeous smile or endearing eyes or maybe my my curvy hips..they don't lie. okay it's late <3 love your designs.


Mort You underestimate how much it takes to learn/perform a new song. It's not like FNM are risearheng every weekend when they aren't touring. Patton (and Billy, for that matter) are both incredibly busy, and likely only play with FNM a few times before heading out on tour. They likely just started this new song on the rehearsals for the South American tour. So, no, they probably don't have other songs. That's not to say that Billy doesn't have dozens and dozens of new songs that COULD be future new songs, but it's pretty off-base to say they probably have more songs just because they've been touring since 09.


Studio version will pop up some time suerly!!!! for FNM to release a new record Patton has to do away with all his other projects for at least 18 months or so cuz the FNM juggernaut is quite a big one and i believe that's why there's so much tip toeing atound the situation by the band themselves. i mean i don't want them to go through what they did with King For A Day..cuz that was their shortest tour and promotion they has and it didn't quite work out all that well..so i say either All in or nothing ..

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