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October 18, 2007



Lou Dobbs 2008!


There are a few area that should have been cut years ago such as benefits for people who clearly do not need them.

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I think yer gonna be angry for a while my friend!I\'ve been angry for a few years now, LOL!I think the only way I don\'t loose my cpoelmte little mind is to be as involved as I can be -But sitting back and watching my town become a third world nation is sickening to me.The beautiful homes and ma and pa stores are all gone now; replaced with Mexican stores wherethey only speak Spanish.Neighborhoods that used to be settled for generations are disappearing at warp speed; beingreplaced by over crowded homes looking like trash. No upkeep; no maintenance; no grass cutting;garbage stacked on the sides of the homes; windows smashed; vehicles parked everywhere, replacingthe green grass that used to grow so lushly.Parties every weekend; blaring Mexican music; drunk mexicans SO drunk they can\'t even walk straight;we watch them as they climb behind the wheel of their illegal vehicles and take off onto the publicroads. When they do have accident\'s they merely flee the scene; after all, who can track them down?They are here illegally. False registions; no insurance; false driver\'s licenses. Its a never endingscene that seems to develop daily and grow even worse each night that passes us by.I used to enjoy walking down our Main Street and window shopping, or stopping in for little knickknacks; or popping in at the bakery for some goodies to take home. Not anymore I am continuallyharassed if I dare to walk down that same street with my beautiful daughters. They have no respectfor me or for them. I\'m afraid to be in the same area with them. I don\'t know who they are; where theyare from; if they are escaped criminals; killers, rapists, molesters I cannot risk my children beinganywhere near them; so we avoid Main Street now I don\'t even go to the local Supermarket anymore either I drive clear into the next town over to gofood shopping. I used to go to the local one; but while shopping, we would see the mexican ladieslicking their fingers and then touching the fresh corn and other fruits and vegies. I felt sick to mystomach! I ran out of that store and have never once gone back! I don\'t feel safe shopping there anymore.I drive two towns over to do any clothes shopping or other things I may need because I refuse toshop in Lakewood anymore. Its dirty, trashy, crowded with so many illegals, and the majority of themthat are all over the street corners, drinking and just hanging out are MEN.Our beautiful parks here, Lake Shenandoah and Ocean County Park used to be so lovely. I wouldspend a great deal of time there with our three children. They practically grew up there. Our naturewalks; talking our dog there; enjoying the beautiful fall colors, duck watching. But now, we can\'t.I haven\'t been able to take them there for a couple of years now. Its been completley taken overby the huge number of illegals. The grass, which used to be so pretty and green, has now beendestroyed because they have turned it into a soccer field!! The trash and Corona bottles and bottlecaps litter the entire park area. They take over the basketball hoops and park everywhere, even onthe grass entrance ways. They blast their music there and walk all over the trails we used to enjoy.We find rubbers, beer containers, and bottles filled with urine that they leave behind. Not to mentionthe huge amount of trash they leave. They never seem to be able to leave anywhere CLEAN.So the anger you feel my friend, you will feel for a long time. I don\'t think anyone in power has anyplans on getting rid of the scum that has invaded our land.With the numbers as they are; and there not pretty; 48,000 American citizens have been killed byillegals since 9/11 and only 27,279 American soldiers have died in the Iragi war Whats wrongwith this picture? And why in God\'s Name isn\'t Washington doing anything about it????We need help here in Lakewood and a lot of it warm regards,diane diane (Quote)


Hey Lone Protester;I\'m writing from lakoweod NJ home to OVER 25,000 illegal aliens and counting!! I\'ve been a lone protester now for nearly four years! Standing out on our main street snapping pics of the contractors picking up the illegals its disgusting, they are destroying this town and nobody in power, gives a darn!!I\'ve been called every name in the book dude; thats all these folks have to go with. They aren\'t smart enough to realize that this country is going and going fast.Rewarding the scum that crosses our borders illegally and DEMANDING rights!! As if they had any! These folks drink waaaaaaaaay too much; they are all living in a fantasy world!REWARD ME I\'ve been paying taxes for decades They\'re coming here and having dozens of anchor babies each; getting food stamps, and anything else they can, off the backs of american taxpayers. Closes hospitals, ruining our public school systems and destroying any semblance of quality of life here! Are they kiddin me!???Did you know that, to date, since 9/11 over 48,000 American citizens have been killed by illegals?! Did you know that only 27,279 American soldiers have been killed in the Iragi War? Whats wrong with this picture?!!!They are killing off Americans over 12 every single day folks!! Let one touch MY family and trust me, you won\'t need to worry about those pesky court dates and trial -Enough is Enough!!WAKE UP AMERICA!!!Get off your butts and take this country back! Turn off the TV and do something! Folks like me are sick to death of doing is alone! diane (Quote)


Yes, Rhodes' comment was what was known as "sarcastic."It's liratery device that some people use sometimes. You folks should look into it.Okay, I'll give. It wasn't 100% sarcastic. There was a germ of truth in there. The germ is: let's (partly) solve our illegal immigration woes by building up the economy in Mexico, generally speaking. Then fewer people will immigate illegally. I understand that most of the people who immigrate to the U.S. illegally are NOT highly educated and tend to take low skill jobs. She's talking in generalities here, which isn't necessarily an awful thing to do.But still, Randi's point is a very good one. Illegal immigration to this country is driving down wages, causing fewer people to earn a living wage, gutting our middle class, and putting some strain on our public systems, including health care. The fact the Randi used a glib comment to make her point is appropriate, since she is a PUNDIT on the radio, and part of her function, though not all of it, is entertainment. Do you all get that or not?


smrstrauss,I've read the essence of many of the latsuiws, and the summaries on various websites .and i believe that many of them were requesting the issue of his birth place be proven even BEFORE the election took place. And I KNOW the lawyer in California, who represents Alan Keyes specifically was asking for the records to be made public. His lawyers are fighting the American Justice Foundation (I think that's the name of the group? anyhow they are working with World Net Daily on this birth certificate issue ) and threatening to ruin their name and put them out of business over this issue. There is some really nasty actions going on around this in more than one place and YES it IS all about him proving that he IS a natural born citizen.I cannot believe it to be true that the majority in this country is so dumb downed, they don't understand the significance of allowing someone to be President without meeting the criteria in the Constitution and/or simply do not care about this issue ..ESPECIALLY as it's now becoming more and more obvious what his intentions are for our country! It appears we are all so weak, that we're willing to let the corrupt walk all over us .and just go along with it .as long as the basics of our little day to day lives aren't changed much. Problem is .we're likely only MONTHS from having our day to day lives changed a WHOLE LOT and when it all comes tumbling down, it will TOO LATE to do one darned thing about it.

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