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June 12, 2007


Cynthia Brumfield

Sean, sorry I missed this post earlier. You are on target with the idea that the tech businesses have failed to mount a successful DC-based educational initiative.

You and I have discussed this before and are on the same page about this, but I'm convinced that whomever jumpstarts a cross-industry educational program on Internet and tech policy will have a thriving business on his or her hands.

Cynthia B.

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I am not sure any more where I stand on the Israeli political scene, but as soeomne who had unintentional run-ins with all kind of nationalists be they left wing or right wing, I can tell you that you should leave the political views out of your posts, unless you want to lose about half your audience before you have a chance to infect them with whatever opinion you have to say.a0


Bratle, kakvo govorish. Az imam site v mankioeda, bitpazar.com.mk, koito se dviji dosta dobre, 2ri po sila ot saitovete za malki objavi. I na edin mk sait, mu vikam dai da razmenim linkove. I toi mi vika Kakvo tochno imash predvid pod razmjana na linkove? smajtai !

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