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June 14, 2007


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Although your arguement is well stated you make one fallacy in your argument, that politicians are attempting to be honest.

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You are a hockey fan indeed. You are right though, if one is not a hockey fan, one must look for it if one wants to watch it. I am glad I read this nice story, I learned much. R

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This was just terrific - real bits of human emotion woven into fan appreciation and your trademark brand of humor. I am very happy to see this on the cover.

A really touching piece, Mary. Yeah...I remember the first time I saw my dad scared. I was still a teenager and it petrified me.

A really touching piece, Mary. Yeah...I remember the first time I saw my dad scared. I was still a teenager and it petrified me.

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I shall give thee unto this people.And now behold, my brethren, this is the word which I declare unto you, that many of you have begun to search for gold

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And, O that ye would listen unto the word of his commands, and let not this pride of your hearts destroy your souls.


Monarchy was originally elective; but the custom could not be of long continuance. in consequence of not only the inconveniences

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ut the misery resulting from elections; somewhat similar to the excesses committed by the newly succeeding emperors of the Mogul empire

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accounts of which are extant even later than the reign of Aurenzebe, and the evils consequent upon the elections of the Roman emperors.

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acknowledgment of its being 'very cold, certainly very cold,' and walked on, rejoicing in having extricated himself from Randalls, and secured him the power of sending to inquire after Harriet every hour of the evening.

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too eager and busy in her own previous conceptions and views to hear him impartially, or see him with clear vision, was very well satisfied with his muttering

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You do quite right,' said she :—' we will make your apologies to Mr. and Mrs. Weston.

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But at present there was nothing more to be said. Mr. Woodhouse very soon followed them into the drawing-room.

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To be sitting long after dinner was a confinement that he could not endure. Neither wine nor conversation was any thing to him; and gladly did he move to those with whom he was always comfortable.

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While he talked to Isabella, however, Emma found an opportunity of saying,—'And so you do not consider this visit from your son as by any means certain.


I am happy to report that I woerkd with this crew again on November 2. We had a record turnout so I had little opportunity to document events visually, but there were a few opportunities during a brief afternoon lull for Lisa to serenade some of our voters. A few who had voted in the morning, came back in the afternoon on the chance they could hear her, and one even took down her address and phone number so they could contact her later. Voting in Precinct 4689 is for many locals like going to the local block party.


Hi Albert! Thank you for your comment and qetnuioss. It looks to me that you did a good deal of searching for answers and I know it took a lot of courage to face yourself and your past. Not having a good relationship with the father is in many cases the root of the problem, from which the perverted behaviour comes sooner or later. As kids, we had our unique way of viewing the world around us and we came to many conclusions why the dad behaved in the certain way. And almost without fail, kids come to many incorrect conclusions that tell them that it must be them that are wrong or bad, otherwise the father would not behave like that. Typical trap. (Almost certainly your low-self esteem came from this misconception). Kids then go around with illusionary guilt that becomes a part of their being and from that illusion all the trouble comes. Very often, in an effort to make things better, children have a need to please people around them. Since it seems that they cannot please their fathers, they seek out to please other men. In some cases this behaviour goes in the perverted direction and all there is needed is a spark, a brief moment when they feel nice and special with another man (or girl with a woman), and the homosexual process is then set in motion. Combined with new and strong sexual feeling that children start to experience in the early teen age, this drive to please in a sexual way easily becomes a dominant, focal point in their young lives.Homosexuality is not the cross that you have to bear. Jesus came so that we could be free and happy, living fulfilled lives. He went to the cross for that and He does not want you to suffer another second. He suffered so that you don't have to. His message to pick up your cross does not mean that you need to stay under the power of sin, weak and powerless. You need to decide to start believing His message in order to have it realized in your life. Yes, I agree that if God wanted you to be with men, He would have created you as a woman. But He created you as a man and He knows what He's doing. Always! As for me, the lust in my heart and eyes is gone. I am not attracted to men. There is a definite explanation for that: When I was attracted to men, it was because I craved for love and attention from them. And because of being young and not understanding things better, I mixed up love, lust, craving and sexual desire. I put all of these into one thing, one feeling. So, in essence, I never wanted their body, but love. However, I thought that love was found with the body and that the sexual feeling was the most important thing. Now when I learned better and when I received the awesome Love of Jesus Christ, I learned that the thing I yearned for for so many years (another man's body and attention) was garbage, not love at all. Then, with some effort on my part, it was relatively easy to remove any and all homosexuality from my life. This could have happened and it happened only when I got to know more the Love that Christ gives. Compared to that Love, everything else that is not love simply falls away, like an old shirt that becomes obsolete.I hope this helps.Sinisa


Hi thereI am a forty year old woman who is married with a 9 year old son, who now lives in coeptmle freedom and wholeness. I was born to parents, who shouldn't have been allowed to have children. My mother was mentally ill, who self medicated with alcohol, my father was a womaniser who would frequently leave to set up home with one of his girlfriends. I was in care a few times and was sexually abused by my uncle from the age of 8 to 13.I first realised I liked girls as well as boys when I was 12, I denied this and supressed it. I became a born again Christian when I was 23, it was great then at the age of 27, I came out as bisexual . My Church tried to help me in various ways with deliverance ministry.I came into contact with the local gay helpline, they encouraged me to come and accept my sexuality. I left Church, my Christian friend's and to some extent Jesus. I started attending a support group, then in time I attended a gay/lesbian nightclub. This lead me to meet a girl, whom I fell madly in love with. I stayed in this relationship with this girl for several months, all the time feeling cheap, dity and disgusting. Deep down I knew this was wrong. One day I felt so bad I was going to kill myself, I had the tablets ready to take but I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning knowing that I had to repent, and leave this girl, never to have contact again.I knew I couldn't have Jesus or this girl I had to choose. I asked God to forgive me. However I never accepted his forgiveness for years. The devil condemned me for 8 years and tormented me.I met a wonderful Christian man got married and had a son. I accepted the fact that I would always have these feelings.I had lost several children due to miscarriages and again turned my back on God I was angry for several years for leeting my babies die.Then God in his mercy led me to a Church I sat down and heard the song a beautiful exchange . I lifted my hand and asked Jesus to forgive and take me back; I heard God say to me, forgive Billy (my uncle) and your parents I did so immediately. I felt this hand on my shoulder this incredible heat going through me. It wasn't til a week later, I discovered that I no longer was attracted to girls.God is good he has since delievred me from gluttony and obesity, I've lost 104lb in weight.All glory to Jesus.If anyone wants to correspond with me and discuss the goodness of God please do E-mail me


Hi Kristen! Thanks for this question. First, one thing is abselutoly certain: You do not have to bow down to something that you know is wrong. Pretending and lying does not help anyone and you have all the right to express how you feel. After all, your friend did it too. She chose for herself. Not telling her about your belief and opinion is like agreeing with what she does and lives. Now, when it comes to the Bible, it teaches us to show the godly living- to live as we live and those who are outside can learn based on that. If they accept it, good for everyone, if not, well, it is their choice. Another thing needs to be clear: the only way to help your friend is to love her unconditionally- with no conditions and no strings attached. This does NOT mean to agree with evil. I believe that by your words and by your attitude and actions toward her you can make it clear for her who you are and what you think and be the friend that she needs. She needs a true friend and I believe you can be that. If she cannot see the difference that you can love her but not approve of all her choices, that is her choice. She must choose. But in order for her to be able to choose, you really need to be honest and yourself. If she stays, great, you have each other as friends. If she leaves, you still have you and she chose for herself.I know it's not easy to see clearly what's going on. The person who was in love with you maybe still is and it may be difficult to see the difference between friendship and manipulation and games. But you probably know some things already.One thing I know for sure: if she wants to have friendship with you, she will stay, especially once the truth is out. If it was anything else than friendship, she may leave. In either case, you would stay true to yourself and at the end of the day that's what counts.I hope this helps.


I would be annoyed but they didn't do it with the iniottnen of sexually exploiting your children? If not then it was probably innocent and there are disgusting people out there but if they get off on looking at family pictures of peoples kids then it really is there problem, don't make it yours. Your family member probably just wanted to show every1 how cute they are. I'm sure some vile pervert getting aroused over your kids wasn't the 1st thing on their mind.References :


I think. I programming socail network in my computer.I do not recommend post true Personal information in socail network and Violate from Stranger.I suggest you socail network programming on your computer.

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