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April 18, 2007


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How sad to lose your father when he was so young. I love that you have his sweater to remind you of the great man he was!

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I love this story! I had anticipated some sort of tragedy, and it turns out ol' Dad was just freaked out by a snake. Seeing the man you've always looked in that state must have been a real eye-opener. Thank you for sharing.

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But even without knowing all those logical fallacies and inconsistencies—I instinctively realized that entire debate fiasco was a crock of bullshit.

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You are a hockey fan indeed. You are right though, if one is not a hockey fan, one must look for it if one wants to watch it. I am glad I read this nice story, I learned much. R

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Lovely, sensitive piece, Mary. Many of us, as kids, saw our parents as invulnerable, but when serious illness sets in, as it inevitable does, we see how human and vulnerable they really are.

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Beautiful memory of your father, Mary. Thank you for sharing.

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I had a similar issue happen to me only it was cyberly. It hurts but like you said everyone seems to go along with it and it is wrong.

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What a charming story! It's funny how fondly you recall what, to many, could sound like a difficult and possibly even miserable childhood. Thank you for sharing.

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I love your stories Ingrid. Very interesting that you are now the age you Dad was when last on the road together and you have a 12 year old daughter. Life is funny that way.

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I want to know more about the run in with the law, and the other woman, and the argument you had recently...but I think now it's still time to live your life with him, discover and uncover your relationship...but please do write more about it in the future...seems like you've got a memoir in you...


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