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March 11, 2007


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It doesn't matter to the Dems. They will cling to that 90% BS and all of the "I can't take another four years" nonsense and will take it right to the voting booth. Sad really.

Speed Dating New York

The goals of the Congress were to settle all outstanding questions regarding European boundaries and the interests of the major powers following the defeat,abdication, and exile of Napoleon.

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I really hard to believe this fact.

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Every thing of DJ Drama gotten confiscated! His computers, his cars, his DJ equipment. And he faces 15 years in jail.

Is it just me, or did that raid look like something out of Nas's video "Hip Hop is Dead"


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That song is rubbish! Seriously awful!


Paul McCartney admitting that he nicked the Chuck Berry bass-riff and used it on the Beatle's hit "I Saw Her Standing There."

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The same cannot be said for Atlanta-based, hop-hop, mix-tape king DJ Drama.
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All the members of the Sixth Coalition, and representatives and rulers of many lesser and minor states. France was not invited but Talleyrand, the French Foreign Minister, attended and got himself involved so as to represent French interests.

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That's what he is going to do to Maryweather at Wrestlemania 24.I hope he kicks Maryweather's @$$ at Wrestlemania too.

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Sister Robin, what you shared is so important for us brothers and sisters to apply in our lives - to speak positive life-givine words to people. We need to remember to speak those same words to ourselves too.


ndrew Johnson - he became president when Lincoln died. He was a Confederate sympathizer, so the radical Republican Congress impeached him. He wasn't removed from office, though.

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