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March 11, 2007



Hmmm, I feel so cold looking at him all desievhled and at loose ends, but I see brilliance, too. You know those crazy scientist, artist, inventor types. Can't put their pants on right but man they create and discover stuff that blows the mind And I'm glad it's a daily departure for the girl, she knows it's the best thing for him and if she doesn't just look forward she'll be holding him back. They come together every night at dinner where he dons a hat, waves his arms, wild-eyed explaining what he's done. She, sits, listens, smiles and falls in love a little more and the whispers drift over them both for a deep sleep and it begins again with the song of birds, for even in winter they sing Ruben, like all your work and your stories, this is wonderful. Thanks!


Ok, so I say its all about quality not quniatty, right! What you did get is beautiful such a darling little boy! Good job Jen, I am so sad you are leaving, for a number aof reasons, but now I might just have to figure out how to use my camera,


Mary Anne- You are such a doll!! Your pictures are buuitefal. I wish I could have been there with you to celebrate. Jen Eck P.S. Check out my kiddos on this blog (Carter & Mason)


I too, have had a similar ecexripnee with this Health Reform Act. Thanks to Obama and Governor Doyle I am relaxed and on the path to health and wellbeing again.


I looove this one.I can so itfidney with its feeling. For some reason it also reminds me of my late teens and early twenties when I tried to hide the fact that I can draw the way I do,and escaped with my sketchbooks to the nature.There is loneliness in it.There you go, Mr.AppleBald, just schlepping your moleskins under your arm, your security blanket. Something that's only your own. Who's leaving in the car? A muse?I love the detail and the lines and the leather gloves. Can you draw with leather gloves on?I feel the birds in your drawings are a symbol of hope-the opposite of your bugs. Draw more birds please. They are free.Everyone thinks he's always put together. If they only knew.. It's all in your mind man, it's all in your mind


I am slowly wrnkiog back into the fray. Sorry I have missed so many of your wonderful posts. I love that there is a story here, with life and movement juxtaposed with a chilling, haunting and paranormal pallor. I can hear the car rolling away with the leaves blowing off the trees and smell a whiff of decay in the air. We love the fall despite its eerie hallows a welcome respite from steamy summer's fling I don't see death in the eyes but a hollowed out soul lost.


yep, it's pretty cool aghlouth there are still some colours I can't find, so I might have to add in some ribbon or fabric to the mix next week.I'm in pretty much all day every day for the next week and a bit, so if you're in the city, come up and say hi!


If it were easily black and white, it would easy to just label snoomee a communist or what not. If the oil companies, like many mega corporations were totally a free market business, then yes, taking their profits would amount to theft. However, when these monolithic organizations lobby to get subsidies, tax write offs, and other government welfare, then they have by choice made themselves a public entity. When they want R D money that doesn't effect the stock holders, they beg for MY money in the form of subsidies and making me take up their slack for their lack of fair tax share, but when they post record profits, they are suddenly as free market as a mom pop corner store. I'm all for them keeping their profits and us weening them from the public teat at the same time.


I don't see many lib responses on here. I'm genssiug this is nearly as bad as when Kerry called the military retarded. They got to all kinds of trouble to hide their true intentions and feelings. She just shouts it right out there. I want to take a private corporations excessive profits. You and I know this is what libs want to do, but they go to extreme lengths to hide this from the average person.Personally I say Thank you Hillary for having the audacity to reveal yourself for what you are.


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You will get alot of idiots on here who agree that the escexs profits should be confiscated.You have now seen one of the MANY reasons I would NEVER vote for her.


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