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February 27, 2007


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This was very nice. I enjoyed meeting your dad through your matured perception of him. When we are younger we often don't realize that which we appreciated in our parents all along, but weren't aware in the throes of our youth and ignorance.

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Words can't do this fine piece justice - I'd give you one of Linda's hugs if she'd lend me one.

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I don't know how so many people could get so many things wrong in such a short period of time, or how you could have spent so much time watching them utter one inanity after another....or why you wasted the effort.

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Just the fact that you noticed your anxiety about his need for autonomy makes you a great mother to Jake. Be sensitive to this as you are but I would keep a sharp eye out for him. I only say that because I am a nervous mom myself.

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Great story! I'm not really a big hockey fan, but I sometimes have to pretend to be interested in it, because I have so many Canadian friends...

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A really touching piece, Mary. Yeah...I remember the first time I saw my dad scared. I was still a teenager and it petrified me.

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The thing I was happy about was that his dutiful wife was not there at his side. She left for Africa. What is sad is that there is now a child involved in all of this

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This strikes me as an extended rationalization regarding why this particular book isn't worth the effort.

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Thanks for your comments. That time on the road with my dad was actually pretty magical.

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This is very sweet. Take your happiness where you find it, I say.


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