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January 22, 2007



El caliz de plata parecia brillar a la luz de las dos velas enormemente altas que
debian arder durante toda la noche. La mayoria de las poblaciones no podian
permitirse cirios pascuales en condiciones, pero el padre Ralph compraba en
Shaftesbury dos cada ano a los monjes, y los parroquianos acudian a la iglesia
para contemplarlos. No obstante, aquella noche, cuando oscurecio, friendless cinco
hombres admiraban las altas e inmoviles llamas.


* gently twiitsng your arm * We also have Quality Center available to us, but as you already mentioned, that is strictly a tester's tool, nobody else ever logs in to that. Quality Center is not really working in our agile project, either.We also use Confluence Wiki in our team, and your post inspired me to try out something similar.Will modify/refine along the way., and keep you posted.Thanks!


Now, after pressing the Post botutn in my first comment, I wonder: if China is such an important (and polluting) country, why we doesnt know anything about that country, or why its news and policies are not as important as the ones from the US?

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