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January 02, 2007


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Clearly, there will be some short-term pain to consolidation, but if it makes the industry more successful in the long-term than that's what we are ultimately getting paid for.

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Global Merchant Services, out of the more than a dozen bids it received earlier this month.

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Yes, I do agree with you that merging some trade groups will not solve all the problems. Although it will not be completely eliminate every prob, I guess it will help.

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Yes, I think in just 10 years the tech policy will become the business policy.


blocking would not solve the productivity issue nacrsseeily; in fact, some ppl may feel oppressed and very negative about it. how about asking your employees to behave themselves first and if things get worse still, implement the block? that's more convincing to all.it seems the notion of being a big company or becoming a big company has really gotten into ck's mind and changed the work atmosphere quite a bit....


There are usually cetnrialy lots of details like that to consider. That is seen as a great point out bring way up. I provide you with the ideas above as typical inspiration nonetheless clearly you can find questions the same as the one an individual carry upward where key point will be working in honest very good faith. I put on? t recognize if recommendations have come about round issues like this, but Most likely that your task is clearly identified as a excellent game. Each kids feel the actual impression of only a moment's enjoyment, for the remaining of his or her lives.


You lost me, buddy. I mean, I suppose I get what youre iniiactdng. I recognize what you're saying, but you just seem to have ignored that you can find some other folks inside the world who look at this issue for what it definitely is and may not agree with you. You may well be turning away many of men and women who may have been lovers of your web log.


What are you saying, man? I regcinoze everyones got their own thoughts and opinions, but really? Listen, your website is cool. I like the effort you put into it, specifically with the vids and the pics. But, come on. Theres gotta be a better way to say this, a way that doesnt make it seem like most people here is stupid!


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