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January 08, 2007


Will Rodger

Mr. Ross blogs:

> There is so much competition for the consumer among these widget makers, and most of the widgets I viewed today involved manipulation of content. How are rights cleared for that content? What possibilities for piracy are introduced by those manipulations? These are questions that aren't necessarily being asked, let alone answered. The floor reps I spoke with certainly didn't have the answers.

As Patrick doubtless knows, there is virtually no device on that floor that has not been thoroughly vetted with company lawyers, RIAA, MPAA, et al. ad nauseum.

If he really and truly has questions, I think he knows where to direct them: to CEA itself or, say, CCIA, PK, EFF or any of the other good-guy groups there today. I wonder: Would he quiz the local car salesman about the latests EPA regs, then write darkly of how he "certainly didn't have the answers?"

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