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August 18, 2006


Video Foxy


Thank god censorship has not come to
http://www.gofish.com. God bless America!


DUDE. wtf man. thats so bloody stupid. i live in beijing and i go on youtube. its so stupid that they censored it! i mean havent they heard of proxy sites. people can still view it.. it just takes longer. bloody hell

Depressed Wallabees



So I'm going to China this month for ten months. Does Facebook work? Pardon my ignorance, but how do you use proxies to see youtube and blogger?

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You have to add a retweet button for your blog. I just bookmarked this post, but I had to complete it manually.

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You can also try Google shopping or eBay. There are a lot of different cases to choose from so if you have some idea of what you want (hard case, gel case etc) it will make it easier to search.

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I really felt I was looking in your life's window and seeing a real person in your dad. Thanks for this.

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A great tribute. Having been reading your stories for a while, I'm not surprised that much that you come from such a wonderfully multi-dimensional fathe

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This was such a sweet, honest piece. It is in these moments of revelation we end up finding ourselves. Well done!

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That must have been so hard -- losing him suddenly, and so young. I hope you do enjoy wearing the sweater. I know you'll find a way to make it look fashionable.

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I love this story! I had anticipated some sort of tragedy, and it turns out ol' Dad was just freaked out by a snake. Seeing the man you've always looked in that state must have been a real eye-opener. Thank you for sharing.

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I don't know how so many people could get so many things wrong in such a short period of time, or how you could have spent so much time watching them utter one inanity after another....or why you wasted the effort.

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Life is compared to a voyage.

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in the "World of Warcraft," "earth fission" media group activities, visits, media reporters to Blizzard Executive Vice President FRANKPEARCE ask for anti-addiction expert TAO open view. FRANKPEARCE said: "The TAO open the human family paladin, dwarf priests." Sudden burst of laughter inside. Rogue martial arts will be invincible, the gods can not stop ~

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He was happy, pleasantly excited over the prospect of spending the day shouting about the Yankees and the war, and proud of his three pretty daughters in their bright spreading hoop skirts beneath foolish little lace parasols. He gave no thought to his conversation of the day before with Scarlett, for it had completely slipped his mind.


Hi Oliver,Apple adverts are amaizng. Simple, concise, and they keep my interest. I love my iPhone 4. Face time is such a great tool I use it to communicate with my parents who live thousands of miles away, and we can see and hear each other clearly it's like a scene from a science fiction movie from years ago, and it's happening now!btw, great job on your guide, I just purchased it and found it very interesting to read about the history of Apple.Andrew


Past nations were drseeoytd because of their crimes against humanity. Israel cannot get away with this. Its contrary to the laws of nature. They are bringing their own destruction and they do not realize it.


Ann, it was great to have you there. I think there's a generosity of sirpit within Twitter communities and we all know things move so fast online there's no way for any of us to know everything. The good news is that if someone DID misbehave, you could just unfollow them and block their following. You can even lock down who can see your Twitter updates, if you like. Perhaps that's one of the great powers of the Twitter platform.In any case, I hope you'll consider coming out to another event. I'm sure we'll have one.


Like Jake, I do have mixed feelings. Naturally, I would not prdocue brickfilms if they did not give me any personal pleasure, otherwise that would be pretty stupid. In that sense, I do prdocue them for myself, and the feeling when I complete a project is immensly satisfying. Also, it's nice to do something with your LEGO, and at nearly 14, I have outgrown the playing stage, so making films seems like the obvious and most enjoyable thing to do with my collection.However, it is also a great feeling when my films get a positive response from other youtubers. Nice comments are always part of the whole experience (and criticism too). Also, releasing films on YouTube does generate criticism (usually nice), which helps to improve my future projects!Also, take a film. In the end, you are making it so that the world can see it. Not everyone will like it, but many will. However, a director or actor would never work on that film unless they enjoy it. I think that perfectly mirrors brickfilms, in my view. I prdocue my brickfilms because I enjoy it, and like making them! But I also enjoy showing them to the wider world by posting them on YouTube


When I first started atinanimg, I barely even knew about Youtube. To me, stop-motion animation was simply a fun way to pass the time, since Legos and photography have always been special hobbies of mine. Since I'm relatively new to Youtube, I'm still finding my way around the community. Now my videos are made to please myself and also those who view my videos. Youtube has encouraged me to make better content through the help of others, and that is a big reason why I continue making Lego animations. Cheers!~ EnvelopeCrease ~

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