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August 09, 2006



The study definitely provides some interesting points.

I worry that this study didn't capture the whole social networking boom since it only went through 2005. While the proportion of kids solicited may have gone down, the actual number might be unchanged, or higher.

It's still too high for my liking, though glad that groups like the NH Research Center and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children are working as hard as they are on this!

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Psycho! One or two people (three if there are a lot of kids) get a red marekr, but no one knows (except the person starting the game) who has them. Everyone-including the 'psycho(s)' scatters. A semi-dark church is best. The 'psycho' then goes around marking (killing) people. If you're marked, you're not allowed to tell who got you on your way back to base (a lighted room). The 'civilians' can try to catch the psycho by bringing in the suspect. If they're wrong, they both go back to the game. The psycho can of course pretend to be a citizen and arrest people to avert suspicion.

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