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July 13, 2006


John Earnhardt

My colleague in London, former Member of Parliament Richard Allan, blogged on this topic in February. Television without Frontiers is definitely a topic Cisco is interested in. Please read his blog entry here: http://blogs.cisco.com/gov/2006/02/eu_television_without_frontier.html

Patrick Ross

Thanks for posting this and for all the information you provided. This topic gets very little focus on this side of the pond, but there are plenty of examples of folks in the US who view Europe as an incubator for regulations they'd like to impose over here. We have to remain vigilant.

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British Bankers' Association here. It should be noted that the seepch was from an EU perspective. The UK's banks follow the highest standards of customer protection in their data management. If a customer's personal data may have been breached, banks already undertake to inform the Information Commissioner's Office, the Financial Services Authority and the customer, where appropriate. We understand that Commissioner Reding proposes to make similar practices mandatory across the EU. It is unlikely that such a step would affect the current practices of the UK's banks, except to make mandatory these existing voluntary practices.

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