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July 10, 2006



Minor typo at the beginning of the article, just fyi. "So much as come and gone" I assume should be so much HAS come and gone. Nice article, though!

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It is way to early to tell who will run or not. The media tries and force the issue, but the truth is early front runners both republican and democrats usually do not end up with the nomination or presidency. If being the early front runner was so special then Hillary would have been running against Rudy in the last election.

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I'm glad you appreciate it now and shared it with us. What a place!!

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Wright was a genius, I'd glow if I found my home was designed by him. An amazing tale told very well too. Such a touch with the past is important in my eyes since we all are the bearers of history and we never know what will become important in one hundred years.

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Beautifully done, and very interesting. Makes me want to research my home digs.

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Ashley, Without regulations agsanit discrimination and for equality, we all fall prey to those who are in position to do just that. From what I read on you coalition site you feel as though big telecom companies aren't making enough revenue to create a faster internet with new resources. That is untrue, further alot of the creativity for the Net comes from small innovative sites and people who are not involved with these large corporations.The way I see it the big corporations want the net more commercialized, and stripped of its controversial and independent content.The telecom companies want to turn the net into a money making machine with restricted access to websites they feel you don't need to view.In the future higher costs for using the internet is their plan, not just for accessing internet content, but also for providing internet content.I don't want to buy access to the internet like we by channels on the TV.Your coalition also stated that: If there was discrimination or restricted access Congress would react swiftly to create new laws, and those new laws would be restrictive. Aren't these the very regulations YOU are agsanit? Why give the opportunity? So we can go back and spend more money on issues that can be decided now? Do you really want Big business regulating your internet? It won't be in your best interest!I am always up for good conversation Thanks for stopping by.Wolfbernz


Paul, I SO agree with you. I wish that people usonretdod what is at stake. But of course, they really don't.And I will go further and say that the same people who aren't bothering to learn about this issue are the people who got you-know-who ensonced in the White House.And I am so very livid about that one.Our freedoms are being continually eroded in the name of Capitalism and Cronyism. WHEN will the people of this nation stand and say, ENOUGH! Thanks for visiting my T13!


Isn't that a crock of *#!* Whoever thought of The Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement (COPE) Act of 2006,” ought to be hoesewhipprd, tarred and feathered.Won't they ever stop trying to take away our freedoms and rights?Bill

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