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April 19, 2006



I do agree with you.


Thanks for this. I really like what you’ve posted here and wish you the best of luck with this blog!


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The trickle down effect of the money not coming in affected everyone.


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Nice discussion on offshore outsourcing points. You blog is really informative and it is dragging us to really think about the outsouring benefits. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.


I do agree with you.


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Thanks for this. I really like what you’ve posted here and wish you the best of luck with this blog!


I’m still learning from you, but I’m improving myself.


The trickle down effect of the money not coming in affected everyone.


You need a commercial auto polciy with each driver and vehicle listed. The agent will need all info for each driver (name, dob, dl#) , the vehicle info ( year, make, model, vin). Also, if the vehicles are titled in your business name or personal name. Also, need to know the specifics of the business; such as name, are you hauling something or performing a service, what you will be doing in the business and approx. how many miles radius you will be traveling, what states will you be going in, and any prior experience in this line of business. To cover the vehicles and drivers this is what you will need. It will be rated on the specific details of your business and how much coverage you need. Specify if any of these vehicles will be used for personal use by these drivers, too. Hope I have been of help to you.


Depending on New Jersey law, your son may not be able to get the insurance polciy by himself. Minors cannot enter into a contract like an insurance polciy. Your name would most likely need to be on the polciy with him listed as the driver. You would need to contact an insurance company to see if you can do what you are wanting in your state with your son being only 18. As for an insurance company, you might call around your local area to some different companies and ask them your questions to see what you can and cannot do. Also, you might consider an independent insurance agent. They write policies for several different companies and can usually get you a decent rate if there is such a thing. I have used the same agent for many years and he has always done me good and he is local, so when I have a question or anything about the insurance I can either give him a call or stop by his office and set down and speak with him. Makes things a lot better to. When calling around just ask the insurance company your questions and they will ask you some questions and then ask them for a quote on the rate. After you speak with a few of them you will have a pretty good idea of what the rate will be and you can decide which one you might consider going with.


Chance are that you will not be able to do this. This because most iacurnnse companies run a report on you that tell us where you live. This is done threw the same people that run your credit. If a companies get two address on you in the past 60 days they will as for a utility bill in your name, a pay check stub, or a change of address card from the post office. The last one will get in you the most trouble if you are looking to commit fraud with the iacurnnse company. This will also be mail fraud, which has a stiff penalty if caught. The penality is up to 5 years for each piece of mail miss directed. Do not do it if you like your freedom.


they couldn't do that. After sreeval hours of them trying to screw me, I left about 4 that afternoon with the original offer You can buy the car anywhere and register it anywhere. You will sign a paper telling that you are taking it out of state and won't have to pay tax until you register it. Check and see which is cheaper. It may be cheaper in another state. If so, pay the tax there..Lotsa Luck..


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insurance is EXPENSIVE in jersey. but, woutiht knowing what kind of car and her driving history, i wouldn't even be able to give her a ballpark quote.My husband and I both have good credit, clean driving histories (no accidents/tickets), he's 28 and I'm 25. He has a 04 avalanch and i have a 00 chevy lumina car. we pay around 200 a month for our insurance through state farm, which was the cheapest for us. that includes our multicar discount and everything. when we were in pa we only paid about 75 dollars a month for the same coverage on the same cars yikes.if she has good credit and wants to buy a car with a loan, she wouldn't have to save up too much. but if she wanted to get a car woutiht credit, she will be looking a quite a bit. it really depends on what type of car she wants. tell her to start doing research and go to used car websites to look at prices of cars she's interested in. that way she has a good idea of how much money she needs. then add a whole bunch more for insurance and registration. the nice thing about jersey is inspections are free and registration lasts for 2 years.


I live in FL and don't meet the geographic citreria for your study, but I just started the diet last Saturday the 5th of Nov., 2011. I only lost 4 lbs this week, was hoping for 5 since it was my first week, figured I would lose mostly water weight .but I stalled at 2 lbs because I didn't cut out my daily orange crush soda. I still have sugar in my coffee. I cut out the soda and was so weak and drowsy from no sugar that Friday (a holiday) I had to stay in bed and I slept for over 24 hrs., getting up to eat some eggs and going back to bed. I was on Adkins diet years ago and had to quit after 3 days when I went onto ketosis and got sick like I did this time. Do you think this is withdrawal from the wheat or from the sugar, or both? Today, Saturday I feel great. In fact, I've had no wheat cravings, just craving for soda which I've been able to ignore today. What type of withdrawal effects have other people noted in first week or two of diet? Thanks for any advice!


Hello Dr Davis,My husband and I live in Hoboken NJ and just staitrng out our wheat free journey. We read your book and I also have it as an audiobook. We love all the work you do and would like to help. I especially have a lot of weight to lose, and also need help with fatigue, joint pain etc.We sort of started to get rid of everything that has wheat in the house and make a new start. I am not totally wheat free yet, and you are mentioning that the people you need have to just began.We would love to help, please let us know what the next steps are.Thank you,Jenny and DarylHoboken NJ


I'm in Grand Rapids, MI which is not obviously NY or NJ, but is about 4 1/2 hours from Milwaukee. I'm also mvniog in the next 60 days to Madison, WI. I just read the book and am completely blown away. I'm young (22) but am over weight (248lbs 6ft tall) despite daily workouts and trying to cut back on eating. I'm fairly convinced it is all the fast food because I fly for work quite a bit and get stuck eating out a lot. I'm just about to begin my wheat free journey and am more than happy to provide anything in person or via email etc. Cheers Mike


I'm not from NJ or NY, I live just outside Baltimore, MD. I have been off wheat for about a month now (right after raeding your book). I haven't lost weight on the scale yet, but my bloating has gone down, my clothes feel better, I feel better overall. I am now in the process of removing most, if not all, sugar from my diet. I'm no longer craving the wheat products. Wow! I am currently at 217.5 pounds. The scale never seems to move for me. I'm hoping this is the answer

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