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April 19, 2006


ann adams

Hi. I hope Worried American is asleep by now. I'm the other writer on isamericaburning.

I went in on edit and fixed corrected the url. It now works. Thanks.

However, when I tried to click on your name in the comment box, it came up with a "not available" message.

Very strange.


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Citizen media such as blogs, video-casts and the like are one of the most exciting developments enabled by new technology. This phenomenon has the potential to create new businesses … but this proposed regulation severely risks stunting its growth

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I embossed the guitar player with silver powder -- much shinier in real life and that flash is powerful as you cannot see through the embossing with your naked eye.The saying is from my favorite retired birthday greeting set -- had to use that song lyric for this one!

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Well told.
Please stop by my re-post and see if I can make you know my dad a bit.

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You make the hustling life sound wonderfully romantic. Thanks for writing this piece.

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Thank you all for these amazing comments. It so makes my Friday night. This piece is special to me - because it really does summarize the relationship I have with my dad.

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Thanks for this very informative post (and links) on fracking & its hazards, Marcia...I wasn't aware of it before.

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Thanks for writing this informative piece on a very important issue.

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Thanks for giving this more publicity. Fracking seems to have snuck in under the radar as an industry practice. The more I read of it, the greater its drawbacks seem.

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Wonderful, his trust in his loved ones. Enjoyed very much.

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some are getting organized and fighting back. As AP reports:

an alliance of British-based companies including ITV PLC, Yahoo Inc., Vodafone Group PLC, Intel Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc.'s UK subsidiary said a European Commission proposal to impose rules for traditional broadcasters on new media providers could have "unintended consequences" and hurt investment.


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The trickle down effect of the money not coming in affected everyone.


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