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March 06, 2006



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This was wonderful. I saw him, heard him, and knew him after reading this. Well done, and congratulations on the EP.

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I'm very touched by this, Sharon. The picture of your mom and dad is a beautiful one that will keep him forever young in your mind. I can imagine your wearing his red sweater and feeling a different kind of connection to him in its embracing warmth.

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well told, and though he was no outdoorsman, his code of honesty and respect shines in every sentence.

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Wonderful to see your great hockey story from Minnesota, the 11th Canadian province and the land of pond hockey.

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This was just terrific - real bits of human emotion woven into fan appreciation and your trademark brand of humor. I am very happy to see this on the cover.

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Just goes to show that however well you think you might know someone, there are depths, angles and aspects that can surprise you. Nicely written piece Mary.

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Excellent tour, thanks very much! I feel the Keith Haring show would keep me enthralled for the day, and I would never get to the other galleries.

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Read for the pure Joy of it, and it's not any work. I guess if I felt like that I wouldn't have read it either. Interesting but everyone has different tastes. I enjoyed it.

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How sweet. You two should take one last fun road trip together before he goes to the great highway in the sky.

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Thank you all for your really nice comments on this.


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