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March 28, 2006



YES, YES, YES Muriel! How could I forget the Wild Geese? In fact, I only wheactd it again a couple of months ago while in South Africa. I HEART that movie (if heart is the right expression for a flick about mercenaries in which neary everyone dies).Barman... yes your camera footage is admissable, as long as it's not home made porn again.Dozy... I don't know if it's ever been officially stated but Tears of the Sun is actually a thinly veiled remake of The Mercenaries (tough guys rescuing doctor and african refugees - though in this case their Navy SEALS). "The Mercenaries", starring Ausralia's own Rod Taylor, was the film version of the Wilbur Smith book "Dark of the Sun".The best thing to come out of "Tears of the Sun" without a doubt is Bruce's classic exhortation to the African VIP in his charge to "cowboy the f**k up".

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