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January 17, 2006


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I look forward to your upnimocg blog on the future of the hierarchy organization. I would like to understand more about this “strategic gap” that you talk about.I think a hierarchy organization is one way mankind has found to defend itself against a network, such as the network shown in the forth panel after the black arrow. A hierarchy creates horizontal relationships that create a vertical displacement (moving up the ladder so to speak). This vertical displacement creates a powerful internal force that push these horizontal relationships together (friction producing), This vertical displacement then, with its powerful internal pressure, is able to displace itself into different areas, in which it may not have been able to enter, if it was organized as a network. In other words, a hierarchy uses the power of the relationships (and friction) that are created laterally, which networks don’t have. A network has connections but no relationships, because all relationships have friction. A networks objective is to create connections without friction, with the resources going to those areas with the less friction and away from those areas with friction. In fact when too much friction is present, a network discards its connection to that area. Which is fine, unless you are one of those friction-producing areas, such as being poor or without the ability to take care of your own needs, but understand what you want. A hierarchy is able to take care of these needs, with the simultaneously displacement of two movements in different directions (which is the power of friction), and in the process share in the want that it might have not known it needed. I think there have been other mechanisms developed to counter the effects of a network, one of these is religion.


Mr. Arbo, your comment reanostes profoundly with my own perceptions and interpretations of what has transpired in my own life. It is so interesting to see (read) the different stages various people in this global village are at; to see and connect with those just coming out of excuse- ville and those hungry and grateful for the inspiration and motivation; and then those that "get it", and want to move forward without blame or shame. Finally, "progress" is positive and attainable and we are able to connect with the concept. Mr. Blair, along with my other mentors (virtual or otherwise) has done so simply and succinctly what all leaders in every social environment should, and contributed to the blinders coming off, not conning us into useless repetition of self- defeating cycles. I'd almost forgotten how good I was! Thank you to Mr. Blair and his team, and this forum, for renewed hope and vitality for the future! My Future!!

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