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December 15, 2005



Europe is, after all the cesspool of socialism. National Socialism, Fascism, Marxism. It all came from Europe.

China banned Skype, too. Yet I'm talking to a business client right now thru Skype, wonder how that works... Viva la Resistance!!

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I embossed the guitar player with silver powder -- much shinier in real life and that flash is powerful as you cannot see through the embossing with your naked eye.The saying is from my favorite retired birthday greeting set -- had to use that song lyric for this one!


Haha it actually hadn't cleood off too much I used boiling water, but I'll admit it was borderline. For the sake of a scientific experiment, I prepared the tea this way, but in practice it might work better to just microwave the whole ensemble. Also, 7.5 minutes was probably longer than necessary, but this brand of tea called for 5 to 10 minutes , so I chose the midpoint.Also, two tablespoons of any type of milk/cream is really too much for an 8 oz cup of tea (the half&half creamer version was in fact ghastly ) this recipe does need some improvements : )


The Wanna Be Boss-He has no real authority but does have his head stuck so far up the real beosss tail that he believes it gives him some magical power to question what your work load is for the day. He makes equal salary and has been on the job 10 years longer with no real education except maybe a BS in Ass Kissing. And by BS I mean bullshit- so pun fully intended. Typically he talks more than he does about his make believe authority than gets any real work done. He will never get a real authoritative position and is kept around the office as an amusing piss ant to the real boss and an annoying coworker to the rest of us.

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