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December 05, 2005


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Boooooooooooks. I think I need to get that self-editing book. Might come just in time. I'm only inspired to write when I'm renidag. It's binge-y. One feeds the other. I need to figure that out. I need to write every day. I LONG to write every day. After working 7am to 7pm at the store today, I'm going to try for a paragraph. Some days lately, it's all I can conjur. Right now I'm renidag short stories by Alice Munro, Raymond Carver, Ann Beattie, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jennifer Egan and a new book of stories I just bought called, The Book of Life by Stuart Nadler. Munro and Carver are nice because they are quick reads. Morsels. Also, spending time every night with Conversations with Ernest Hemingway. I never really liked that thing Sam Shepard said. I think it sounds kinda arrogant. I admit I'm enamoured with descriptions of or pictures of writers' homes, especially when there are stacks and stacks of books laying about in every room. Just read an interview with said Ernest where the interviewer describes his house (books everywhere: floors, shelves, in every room. Remember all the books everywhere at Eudora's place!?) and HOW he writes: standing, he writes longhand with a pencil on sheets of white tracing paper fastened to a clipboard. When he fills (oops,present tense) a page he pulls off that sheet, turns it over and stacks it beneath his desk. I just can't get enough. Still, if I had a written page for every chapter I've ever read well. Maybe I'd be my own boss sipping coffee in the morning, gearing up for my day of work twenty feet away from my coffee press, at my white desk. I love your posts, Kel! Fun!

Christopher Anderson

The catch phrase "Web 2.0" is beginning to make it's way out of Silicon Valley and deeper.

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