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November 29, 2005


lucy mae

celine is very beautiful in that picture!she is the youngest of them all! she has a very beautiful voice! i like her because of her beautiful voice in the whole world! she is one of the most distinctive voice in the world!in the family they are 14 brothers and sisters.i hope next time if the press will be taking a picture of there family, i hope that it is colorful to look at! nice position celine!!!!! idollll 4ever!!!!!!!!!!


this really is a nice thing that this website is doing this is also so kool!!!!


i use to love celine she is a really good singer and she is really beautiful i really loved her in the movie beauty and the beast i love the song she sang it was such a beautiful song it made me cry and i'm really not that emotional i love that movie so much i also love the picture that her and her family took i understand what that big family thing was and it is so big i know how she feels i have 19 brothers and sisters myself and it is really easy because we have a huge house!! and + we have a summer home that half my family lives in so 1 year we go to florida and then they come to new jersey okay see you later bye


celine is so good inthat picture and i love her so much and i l0ne all her songs especially
*im alive
*the reason
*im your angel
*treat her like a lady
*lets talk about love
*if you ask me too
mostly all of her song are my favorit but i cant remember some songs of her

and above all all i can say is im her number 1 fan...i love celine so much

karl alexander camilleri

celine you are my idol any my Angle of music . i start love music when i have at that time 12years . at that time i hear your album let's talk about like and i immegatley loved your voice till know that i have 20 years . my dream to represent malta in eurovision song contest . thanks to god to give such a lovely person that is celine dion (you)
good bye!!!

bijou  Ilunga Nyota

Celine Dion I love you so big je t'aime tres fort car tu es ma seulement start que je peux tout pr toi tu as une de ce voix et tes chansons et tes paroles me font pleure. merci d'etre la pr nous tes fans

bijou  Ilunga Nyota

Celine Dion de puis mon enfance j'ai tjrs reves de te voir et te touche je pensai que tu vien en afrique du sud je vais te voir finalement je t'aime tant.merci d'etre la pour nous tes fans.


Whatta big family !!!!!
What one song from her songs could Celine give or dedicate for her family, esp, for her mother for rearing all these 14?


greatest singer and inspiring person.


Celine...CAll ME!


Hi Celine i love all your songs. You are a talented singer. Hope to see you one day in Mauritius. I am very far from you geographically but i'm very near cause i listen to your voice all the time and these are the special times that we shared. See you!

jia kristie yu

i wish i could see u n personal ms. celine dion..............

jia kristie yu

hi ms. celine dion,i want to greet u a advance happy birthday..........i wish u have many more birhdays to come.........love u.........god bless.....take care...............

from:jiakristie j. yu

jia kristie jugalbot yu

hi ............ms. celine dion..........ur my ultimate idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love u so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!take care!god bless u!!!!!!!!!!

kristine grace parungao

happt birthday ms. celine i love you so much hope to watch your concert live..., you are so beautiful, , goodluck to you,,, muah!!!

jia kristie jugalbot yu

hi ms. celine dion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!

jia kristie jugalbot yu

hi.............i love all your siongs especially my heart will go on............

aion kinah

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Greetings Celine Dion I'm Laura I like your song My Heart Will Go on and I love the movie Titanic <3


laura muriqi i like Celine Dion

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ohhh .. Celine Dion .. my Favorite best amazing Beautiful and ... songer I love her I love her nice voice very much I just wish to meet her one day then i will hug her and i know i will cry loudly

wilhelmina kaapanda

love all your songs

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