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July 21, 2005


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I always feel that the best entertainment on earth would be the ability for anyone to view anything. Ok, let’s put aside pornography or something related, we can assume that people like to see what is hard to be seen. For instance, you might just want to visit any country at any time without traveling there. I did mention before that what we can have is to organize a team of people acting as virtual tour guide and located at different locations. They will be equipped with VCR as well as video streaming capability to the Internet. What they would do is to wait for customer request and start shooting real time video.


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I embossed the guitar player with silver powder -- much shinier in real life and that flash is powerful as you cannot see through the embossing with your naked eye.The saying is from my favorite retired birthday greeting set -- had to use that song lyric for this one!

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TNW6tk I would add something else, of course, but in fact almost everything is mentioned!...

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the 1996 Telecommunications Act, competing carriers had fewer regulations.


Judging from the express reetrvasion of the IPTV AT T network, I bet we'll see a dispute about whether fiber is included. First would fiber be included as part of wireline Internet access when the FCC has made a copper/glass and legacy/new field distinction? Second why would AT T expressly take Uverse/IPTV networks off the table if they didn't think they were safeguarding fiber? Third what difference does it make when the FCC has abdicated any responsibility for oversight of information networks beyond CALEA and E911?AT T has a conditional net neutrality commitment from the IXP closest to the end user onward to the enduser. So it has no net neutrality responsibility upstream and may have offer superior QOS guarantees such that Content Provider A's bits always get to the IXP on better than best efforts terms. That may not trouble me, but going to the point about the scope of AT T's commitment, I'm not sure they have offered much, particularly since AT T probably will self provision to the closest IXP and may do so onward.


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You have to understand that any new pay TV sevcire (say DVB-T) requires new generation of set-top boxes. If satellite TV is banned, how do plan to launch DVB-T? By laying out cable?You really can't start any new sevcire without legal support from your government.

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