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June 27, 2005



Sheila-With a few young kids, my money is on decameron. not only is the price great, but they will be more than ocpieucd with the myriad of pools, long beach, and watersport activities (non-motorized ones, such as kayaks and paddleboats, are included in the price) Also, there will be lots of other kids there about their same age. there are several restaurants at decameron, from buffets to italian places. these are also included in the price and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. you wont have to cook at all, trust me.for your husband, decameron has 2 fishing choices. one is a bottom fishing trip to a nearby island where snapper, grouper, and other bottom fish can be caught. the other is a sportfishing trip for 3 hr, half, and full day trips. dorado, sailfish, wahoo, and tuna can be caught on this trip. these trips are extra, not included, but still a good price.also, there are several other fishing outfitters around the decameron areafor adventure, the area around decameron is cool but for some real fun head to nearby valle de anton. its easily reached by bus or car. There, the fam can hike in the cloudforests, ride horses through incredible trails, go on zipline rides through the canopy, and much more. plus there are some cool hotels there to stay in if you want.

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