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June 27, 2005



Hi Brett,I'm with you amigo. Right here in my home town, we just opened a new shcool. NICE place it is. New Macbooks and iMacs everywhere for teachers and staff, new HP wired routers and switches, new computer lab with iMacs the works then there's the wireless network. oy. Now don't miss the fact that I love Ben (network admin) great guy but he oversees the whole shooting match practically by himself. Is he a Wi-Fi expert, uh, no. Can we expect him to be? that depends on his time and passion to learn it I guess. The HP guy says something like, hey, we sell Wi-Fi gear too, and all you have to do is ' put a few of these APs up here and there and then plug in this controller and voila instant wireless.' Everything is on auto channel and power selection of course. Now, that wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have Apple carts roaming around the place with Apple Airports on them. Every time one of those fire up anywhere in the building, it makes the entire corporate (HP) wireless network go bananas changing channels and power settings. Brilliant. He now has a network in a state of business-hour flux, and no real way to measure statistics (throughput, etc) so as to optimize the network.This is yet ANOTHER example of a lack of education causing such a problem. I know there has to be a thousand such horror stories out there. I'd love to hear other people's stories right here on the blog.

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