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May 05, 2005


Doug Wiley

I enjoy your site frequently. However, was wondering if you all would you be kind enough to add the Electronic Industries Alliance's (EIA) URL to your "Tech Policy Sites" section (www.eia.org). EIA is the oldest and arguably largest tech trade group in the country, yet you have no link to our site. Unless there is some reason for this, it would be great to see it on your site asap. It would also help to add additional readership and credibility to your site, in my humble opinion. Then again, I am biased working for EIA. Many thanks!


it to, as you will need good solid PROOF she is speaking of your case. Get them to make a sttnemeat as to what she was saying and have it notarized. Take it to your attorney, tell him what this woman is saying, show him the sttnemeat and then say, now, what are we going to do about this? Threaten sanctions against his firm, which you totally have a case, even possible damages. You might actually end up with a FREE ATTORNEY, plus extra money if you threatened civil court. And by the way, if whomever she was speaking of your case to at the grocery store wont make a sttnemeat, you should contact him anyway and tell him you could still contact the local BAR association and file a complaint and that it should STOP immediatly. He might appear to be cool during this conversation, but believe me, this woman is going to hear all about it when your conversation is over with.


Heya! I merely wanted to find out you have any trouble with cyber-terrorist? My very last blog site (live journal) was broken in to and that i wound up sacrificing several weeks associated with hard work because of simply no data back up. Are there any methods to control cyber-terrorist? Foreclosure http://www.bulkping.com/rss-feed-generator-creator/feed/c6f5b87b4febb16827b90a6565d9e51b.xml


I don't know. Why would anyone want to carry more than 75 mitunes of music with them at a time?The usual digital vs analogue arguments apply. Portability, ease of access, the ability to purchase or refer to any book from anywhere there's wireless coverage, not being limited to the selection of books 'in print', etc.The Kindle and Sony e-readers seem to think that what the world needs is a dedicated book replacement device with another DRM scheme (effectively restricting 'ownership' of the book to the lifetime of the device or supporting service). I'm getting quite addicted to Stanza on the iPhone/iPod Touch for periodicals, and the temptation to try some long overlooked classics. Frankly, I'm beginning to run out of places to put all the books I've bought but not had time to read yet, so anything that makes it easier to have them with me when I've time to read is very very welcome.


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