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April 14, 2005


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How many comments do you susppoe we're going to have before someone mentions the susppoed (and only recently reported) net negative Mexican immigration, in other words, catagorizing the Arizona law and all such legal immigration laws as "fixes without problems"?As a counter, point out that "Net negative" doesn't mean that no one's coming in illegally - it just means that there are fewer coming in illegally than there are already illegally resident aliens leaving. The ones coming in are still a problem and are still to be sent home. What the new law will do is to drive that negative number higher."The SG's bumbling may be an act. Did he bumble in court before becoming the SG? Probably not, or he wouldn't have been appointed SG."Don't forget that this is the Administration that made a tax cheat Secretary of the Treasury. Never ascribe to malice what can be explained by simple incompetence.


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slamfu Why is everyone sainyg that if this gets overturned its a HUGE blow to Obama? First he's done a few other things, and second, its totally the fault of obstructionist republicans who have no other solution and have been trying to tank this no matter what since the beginning. How does the GOP keep getting a pass for this behaviour? People are just stupid and not paying attention. We are going to do everything possible to screw you over. We will block anything you try to do regardless of its merit or content. See, we blocked it! Hah! You suck! That is GOP leadership in a nutshell.


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