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February 04, 2005



We people in Europe thogut the people in USA are smarter and looking forward to live a civilized life. Now it seems they rather keep them selfs low and uncivilized just zu oppose President Obama. How stupid and ignorand can you be?George W. Bush has nothing accomplished in 8 years to help the american people. The Oil Maffia was all he was interrested in and he started one war after the other. And still the american people was backing him up regardless what kind of stupit shit and senceless actions he has done.I donb4t care what any one says, but it is more then obious, that we have a racial thing here going on. In Congress even the Democrats are fighting against President Obama just because he is black. But no matter if he will have a 2nd therm ot not, for us in Europe it is most important, that he has changed the world and also became the first black President of the USA. Some americans have not relized yet, that slavery is over and racism also. And those who have not and block what supposed to be best for them do not deserve better than living under are healthcare system that is not better than the 3rd world has it. As soon they need medical treadment and canb4t pay for it they gone regret being against a good thing coming from the smartest President the USA ever had. And in my oppinion they do not deserve better.

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